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    Saddam Hussein

    I am so bloody angry, I don't believe Clinton has done it again, he is just diverting attention from his impeachment to the air strikes. I won't be suprized if he made the whole thing up about SH not co-operating.

    My God, if someone came to his country and told him what to do and what not to, I don't he will like it very much. I believe SH must have mentioned the fact that Ramadhan is approaching and if they could take a break, as obviously it is a special month. However, Clinton and his assosciates twist this notion to make it look like something which it ain't.

    They are killing innocent people and don't they know it. They mean to attack places like Orphanages, hospitals, hostels, communites, etc., because they love killing muslims. They just look for excuses to start slaughtering. Bloody people, I pray to God that they never succeed, I hope SH also uses his weapons, inevitably it will cause a world war, but inshallah with the help of God, muslims will be victorious.

    What are they gonna leave if they bomb the whole country? And why did Saudi's give them access to their land in order to attack, that is beyond me.

    I was watching live pictures on CNN and you could hear the loud blasts and bombs. It was horrifying to think, what if you where there, or you had relatives there, what then?

    God save our brothers and sisters, and if they are killed God give them peace. Amen.

    You realize who's fault this is.. Clinton. He did this to divert the attention to something else besides himself. One other thing is the whole America is Jewish Americans They think their god. Their going to start ww3.. whenever that'll be. It's all those fault. Because the own america. They always help the other people never the muslims. Because it's filled with damn I hate them. AMERICA Canada was voted by the UN as the best country to live in.

    You Smell What the Naseer's Cookn'???

    The Peoples Champ,
    Naseer 4 life

    The Naseer Says "Know your damn role or I'll lay the smack down!"

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      I agree Meena. They were showing pictures this morning of women and small children who've been injured in the bomb blasts.

      Also, the americans think they're being very gracious, as someone said in an interview this morning that the reason they've bombed now is so that it will be over before Ramadhan! Can you believe that? Someone responded by saying "well, what about those families who will have injured to look after or are injured themselves? it won't be much of Ramadhan for them" to which, of course, there was no reply.

      I'm certain that Clinton has made all this up to divert attention from his own impeachment hearings. If they wanted to kill SH, then don't you think they can assassinate him? But they need SH to be an enemy of the american people for times like this.

      It is a very old machiavellian strategy, that if there are internal problems in a country then the best thing is to create a war/cause external problems/threats - that way people suddenly forget their internal problems and unite.



        I am agree with all of you. See Allah SWT
        says that they are united ( Non-Muslims)
        against Muslims. They don't want Us Muslims
        to get power. They, Americans, want to stay
        in the Gulf for ever. When people of Saudi
        started saying that leave our country, they
        always cook up something to stay there
        longer. When Taliban established Islamic
        state, they went there and bombed the
        country, and said we are after Bib Laden.
        See who is next, Pakistan may be. Since we
        have Nukes. Right now they are not worry
        about so much, cause our rulers are doing
        wonderful job for them. look at Banazeer.
        She is busy writing letters to UN to
        intervene and stop Pakistan to implement the
        Shariah in the country. Wake up now. West
        SUKS!. May Allah give us tofeeq to realize
        buety of Islam and try to impliment in our
        life, and also educate friends, co-workers,
        nieghbors about Islam.



          Please read my message under KK.


            salams everyone,
            ive been so frustrated all day, at work and noone to share my feelings/thoughts with,my work colleagues (non-muslims) wanted to go to the pub and have a laugh, some even commented that it served sh right, but it didnt really affect him,only innocent people suffered, as muslims we should be uniting, arent we supposed to be like one body, when one part aches the other feels the pain? while some are feeling this pain, others remain oblivious to it all, surely its about time we got our act together, my duas to all my brothers and sisters, may Allah guide us all, ameen..

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              I am more upset with the Muslim nations who have been watching this deadly game for the past 8 years and have done absolutely nothing to stop it. How much longer they are going to sit around and watch Western Powers do slow and painful Genocide of Muslims around the world. This make me sick sick sick! Perhaps we have come to the term that the leaders of Muslim nations are gutless and puppets of Western Nations. Painful Reality! I hold the Leaders of Islamic World for this on going Genocide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



                Your analysis is true but ppl don't believe in it. These corrupted, alcoholic, Playboy type sheikhs of Arab countries will find one day that they will be back on the back of camel.


                  Please continue in the Political forum.

                  Thank you.