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    Important FYI

    I thought this need to be shared with you all, Sorry if I put it in the wrong forum. Voice you concern on this issue! Thank you!

    ATLANTA (AP) – Emory University human rights scholar Abdullahi An-Na’im has
    received a $371,000 Ford Foundation grant to fund a global survey of Islamic family law.

    An-Na’im will lead up to 20 scholars in exploring how Muslim families reconcile the teaching of their faiths with the needs of their communities. They will look at the cultural and political factors that affect Muslim families, and the laws that affect Muslim marriage, divorce, women’s rights
    and the custody of children.

    An-Na’im expects the survey to produce some surprises about how Islam is practiced today.

    “Personally, I challenge the assumption that Islam and secularism are incompatible,” he says. “This project will give us a chance to test our hypothesis.”

    Abdullah An-Na’im, a Sudanese exile, is well known for his harsh criticism of Islamic law, or Shariah. He was a follower of the sect of Mahmoud Mohammed Taha, a Sufi leader who opposed the implementation of Islamic law, until Taha was executed for apostacy by the Sudanese government in 1985.
    An-Nai’m has denounced Islamic law as a medieval code.” (Los Angeles Times,12/8/85)

    Some of An-Na’im’s other pronouncements about Islamic beliefs include:

    “Many aspects of sharia…are clearly ntenable today.” (L.A. Times,1/17/86)

    “It is morally and politically untenable for Muslims to exercise a collective right to self-determination by applying shari’a. This…can be resolved through the drastic reform of Islamic law…” (Harvard International
    Review, 4/1/97)

    “All schools of thought, Sunni and Shia alike, agree in their denial of the full rights of citizenship to (women).” (Harvard
    InternationalReview, 4/1/97)

    “First, however, Muslims must appreciate the moral and political untenableness of a modern state based on traditional sharia; creative and vigorous debate and eformulation on Islamic jurisprudence and philosophy cannot begin until the false prophets of Islamic self-determination through sharia are exposed and discredited.” (Harvard International Review, 4/1/97)

    “Shariah is not divine law, it is human understanding of divine sources. Religion is not totally divine because we put the word of God in human language.”

    “I know it is possible to argue that Islamic law and traditions do not sanction terrorism…however, that has always been the prevailing
    interpretation of Islamic sources.”

    Do you think that a study by an individual with such a flawed understanding of Islam will be anything but biased and innacurate? If not, pass on your concerns to…

    Ms. Susan V. Berresford, President
    320 East 43rd Street
    New York, NY 10017 USA
    Main Voice: (212)573-5000 Main Fax: (212)599-4584
    Email: [email protected]

    William M. Chace, President
    408 Administration Building
    Emory University
    Atlanta, GA 30322
    Email: [email protected]

    Mr. Naim sounds like an intellectual asset for the world of Islam. He is not the first one in our history. One thousand years ago Arab Muslim Philosophers were openly debating the issue of predestination. Islamic history is well peppered by liberal schools of thought. To oppose a leftist perspective that calls for change would be a grave mistake indeed.

    I too hold the opinion that the Sharia is a human interpretation of Divine Literature. These laws are not carved in stone.
    The best example that comes to mind is of Ali the fourth Caliph of Islam. On Numerous occasions he opposed the cutting of the hand with the beautiful rationale:

    " It is better that 50 guilty men go free rather than one innocent man is punished "

    Is this not clear indication that sincere leadership only holds the fulfillment of Justice as a criteria. All other rituals are simply a means to achieve the moral essence, which is the word of God.

    I think as a nation we have become obsessed with hollow rituals and forgotten the true meaning of compassion. And in so doing we have forgotten and cheated the true meaning of Islam.