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Café Policies - UPDATE (October, 2011) Please Read

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    Café Policies - UPDATE (October, 2011) Please Read

    Policies of GS Café

    The moderators would like to keep a hands-off approach to keep the momentum of Café running smoothly, however, this is not possible at all times. Therefore, the following few policies have be devised to keep things entertaining, enjoyable and fun for all:

    • All threads must have some focus, a theme or a subject that the author would like to share or discuss. Any threads without any other central idea will be closed.
    • Refrain from opening threads about other members unless you have their permission and the thread content would not be deemed insulting to them.
    • Attention seeking threads such as fake goodbye threads are discouraged.
    • Threads started with images, audios, and videos of all kind in the first post, whether for the sake of discussion or sharing, should be posted in respective forums. To inquire about exceptions, please contact cafe moderators.
    • Threads older than 1 year from the post date of the original post and/or of the last post may be revived every once in a while, please make sure it is not an everyday habit otherwise older threads make it harder for people to keep on track with the topic and conversation if the thread was opened long ago.
    • Multiple threads with same/similar (copied) titles or same content (such as multiple birthday threads) are discouraged and will be merged or closed.
    • Posts-milestone threads: Threads can be opened for members completing their 100/1000/5000 and each increment of 5000 posts only.

    Posting etiquette:
    • Stay on topic. We will allow greeting posts to an extent so as to not divert the topic being discussed with unnecessary flooding. You cannot create new threads for "hello, how are you, bye" posts.
    • Language used should be decent. Café is a family oriented forum and this should always be kept in mind while selecting words and gestures to express yourself.
    • Gupshup administration has zero tolerance policy against slander, abusive words or any kind of personal attacks against other guppies.
    • Provoking anyone or adding fuel to any arguments is strictly forbidden.

    • Posting 3 or more consecutive replies (text or smilies) is considered 'Flooding'. It is a serious waste of services provided by Gupshup. Therefore, guppies cannot reply consecutively three (3) or more times to increase post count or any other reason.

    • Advertisement of other discussion boards or online community sites is not allowed on Gupshup; Nor can you advertise your threads, blogs, groups, and albums etc. in threads, unless you have an approval from the moderators first.

    Violation of Cafe policies:

    Cafe policies are guidelines and not rigid boundaries. Violation of cafe policies will be dealt with by the moderators in the following manner:
    • Threads: Each thread/case will be handled individually and a decision will be made at the moderators' discretion. If the thread violates the cafe policies, it will be closed and/or removed from the forum. Repeated violation of the policy will result in infraction points followed by temporary or permanent bans.
    • Posting etiquette: Abusive language and personal attacks will result in direct bans.
    • Flooding: A “moderator’s warning” will be posted in the thread in question as a friendly reminder for everyone to refrain from flooding. Ignoring this warning and repeated violation of the policy will result in infraction points followed by temporary or permanent bans.
    • Advertising: Spam posts and threads will result in direct bans.

    • To keep the atmosphere pleasant for our older members, our newer members, our silent readers and our most active guppies, we urge you all to never retaliate against others and report any issues to Cafe moderatos and channel manager, who will get involved in your personal disagreements with other members to an extent. They will try to mediate and put an end to the disputes, however, continuous trouble making will result in strict warnings.
    • If a member has a cause for complaint against another GupShup user or an action of a moderator, then these should first be taken up with the relevant forum moderator via e-mail or PM. If a member still feels that they have not received a satisfactory explanation the next step should be to contact Admin, again via e-mail or PM. Hopefully this will resolve the matter. As a last resort if a member does post a complaint in Feedback, please be patient and wait for a response from either a Moderator or Admin.

    Please Note: These rules do not replace anything in the user agreement that you agreed to while signing up on this board. These rules stated here pertain to Cafe only. Also, these rules do not cover all possible scenarios. There will be special situations where moderators will have to take special situations under consideration and take appropriate actions in conjunction with the Administrators. For further clarification of the Cafe policies, please feel free to PM the Cafe team at any time.

    Best Regards,
    GupShup Café Team
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    re: Café Policies - UPDATE (Sept2011) Please Read

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The list below should help many of you get used to the forum and understand the basics of how this forum works. You will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to send any of the Cafe mods a PM with your questions/feedback/suggestions.

    1. To check your Private Messages, Click here.
    2. To send a new Private Message, Click Here.
    3. You can access your user control panel by clicking on the "quick links" tab and then click on "user control panel", from there you can view your recent posts, threads, PM's, albums and change you signature, profile picture, etc.. (Click Here.)
    4. To edit your user options, Click Here. To add the toolbar in your reply box, go all the way down to Miscellaneous Options and change them to Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing.
    5. For a custom avatar/title you must have 1000 posts and you should automatically be able to change it on your own by accessing your user control panel. If you still have a question regarding this, please PM Teggy/Gizzy/TLK.
    6. To set your signatures or to change other options, use My Account option on top right of the page.
    7. To see a list of different forums and other features on Gupshup Click Here .
    8. To see a list of the current staff, Click Here.
    9. To get an exact web address of a thread, right click on the title of the thread and choose Copy Shortcut. Then you can paste it into a thread or a PM to give someone the link to a certain thread.
    10. To insert the embedded links with optional textual names for links like "Click here" to go to this website (used above), take a look at the following example code.
      [ ] Google [ /url ]
    11. To use the image upload, Click Here.
    12. To learn how to upload/resize pictures, Click here.
    13. For the latest site related news, Click Here.
    GS - It's all about enjoying the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.


      Chat rules and Guidelines- Please read

      Below are the guidelines for GupShup's chat room. Please have a look through them for your own information.

      What is NOT allowed in chat:

      a) Offensive language; this includes lewd, sexual or distasteful language/references
      b) Personal insults; please always remember Chat is an extension of GS and you will be have to abide by normal GS rules when you are in chat, so this mean no personal insults whether the recipient of insults is in the room or not
      c) No advertising or Spam
      d) If you are having a conversation that is disrupting other peoples'chat experience then you may be asked to take that conversation in a private room
      e) Do not pester members for private chat, a no means a no.

      General information/complaints/feedback:

      a) If you have any complaints or if you wish to report behavior that breached Chat guidelines please contact the Chat CM or Chat Moderators
      b) Any exchange of personal information of any nature is at your own discretion, GupShup cannot be held responsible for any possible subsequent misuse
      c) Please be wary Chat Moderators have access to all Chat logs

      Please be aware any breach of the rules may lead to infractions or a ban.

      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Chat team.

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