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What is Love..?

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    What is Love..?

    Get a life and stop scrweing this post by editing. You are dumb because all the people here have heard and hear those words daily that you Edited from my post.
    The Orignal Post

    Love Hmmmmmm ..personally I think love in the sense of opposite sex is a ..its a hormone related drive that happens when you see a person that you would like to How come all the damned legends of love always fell in love with beautiful girls or handsome guys..? As far I know no one ever fell in love with some ugly girl or guy. So love is a fancy word for SEX drive.
    Anyway Love can mean different things in different cultures and to different people. Following are a few example of what love means in different cases

    (1) In love with a teenage = Damn great sex and as a bonus
    (2) In love with a merriage age i.e older than 20 girl /guy = Damn it I have to settle down and make babies too
    (3)In love with an older man/woman = The moron will die soon and I can inherit everything
    (4)In Love with a gori/gora = her/him and than get ride of her/him
    (5)In love with a desi Sharif girl/guy = I have enough now I need a wife/husband
    (6) In Love with a pathan girl = I like my butt being kicked
    (7) IN love with Punjabi Girl = I wouldn't need a bulldozer for landscaping my lawn.
    (8)In love with a girl = damn it I needed a free housekeeper
    (9) In love with Modern Educated girl = I will let the work and make money so I wouldn't have to work my so hard.
    (10) In Love with a FOB girl/guy = Needed an obedient slave for free
    (11) IN love with ABCD girl/guy = Free sex and GREEN CARD too.
    (12)Love on first sight =My glasses prescription was expired, Also I was too damn and desperate.
    (13) Deeply in love = I am in deep because her dad will shoot me if I leave her.
    (14)Found a Soul Mate = I needed mating (sex)
    (15)Found the love of my life = I never had a damn life.

    I know I will be bombed ruthlessly by the Rumios and juliets of this discussion Board that includes most of you who have nothing else to do in life but post messeges
    here. Sorry guys and girl truth always hurts

    Cool Dude
    The Coolest of All

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    What is love, baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more....what is love.....

    Later on


      love is the most crippling emotion that i have ever felt...


        Coolio about your ugly guy/girl thing. Isnít beauty in the eye of the beholder?

        I heard one of our Dessi love stories maybe laila majnur or sonni mayval, the girl really wasnít that beautiful but the hero saw her as such.

        Some people are more purkashish (hope Iím using that word right) than other for youÖ you know that thing called chemistry.