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    Sleeping Habits

    At what age should you give your kids their own bed and win your privacy back?

    I havew a Masha-allah sey 15 month old boy and we are thinking to give him his own room at around 2-2.5 yrs.

    Later on


      It's so hard to make rules for other people and other families. You have to think about what is right for your own child, looking at his temperament, and what your needs are as a family.

      With our first two, the oldest was 2 1/2 when the second one was born and we had a huge extended bed until we moved to a new place 2 1/2 years later. Boy it makes life so much easier to have your kids in the same room at night, don't have to run down the corridor in the cold and you get about three hours' sleep instead of one.(just kidding).

      When we moved we had another room all setup for them both together (right next to ours) and really made it nice for them. Being together was reassuring too I think. No. 2 kept coming back and forth for a year or so but eventually settled down in his own bed. We never refused to let him come to us if he felt the need.

      With No. 3 he is 4 and just recently we have conviced him that his parents have a right not to get kicked when they are sleeping. So we have put a sleeping bag on the carpet at the foot of our bed and he sleeps there every night. We are working on getting him to his own room, but are also willing to take it slowly and lovingly. Sooner or later we'll get there!

      Hope this helps. I have a lot of friends who put their children to sleep in their rooms, and have never had trouble getting them to "wean" eventually.

      As my dear husband is saying while I am writing this it's hard to hear you kids crying .... it's just easier to pick them up and cuddle them. The night can be lonely and scarey when they are so young.


        Let's take a look from the OTHER side. . .

        I don't remember when and if I was "weaned" off. I remember being really excited about getting my "own room" at around four years old. . .have no recollection of where I slept before that. And even then, I remember always knowing that I could crawl into ammi and papa's bed at any time in the night and they were happy to have me there.