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Creative Minds - I Need You !

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    Creative Minds - I Need You !


    hey am tryna get over with my graduation in computer science pretty soon. I wanna do some cool stuff on da net. Something new. I want ideas please . It can be some shops of somethin cool on da net or some entertainment stuff or somethin better you could suggest.

    bring out ideas!! whatever you can think of. this hotmail guy made free hotmail in his univeristy years n earned millions. i'm like lez hit the million mark too

    Ideaaas What can I do for you ? What do you want to see on the net which is not there yet or seems not possible?

    Matana99, you seem quite upbeat about the whole thing Goon on ya I want the following:

    I want to be able to taste food and smell perfumes over the Internet. It would it be great if we could pay for some Pizza/salad/chicken dishes etc via some sorta e-currency and in a few minutes, the computer hands over the hot/cold & delicious food to you!!!

    Lemme tell you: people living away from home (esp International studnets) will bless you if this becomes possible coz they'll able to eat home-made food (eg...Mom transfers lunch from her computer, child gets it on the other side of the world)! Howzzat for a start?!


      yo .. dat was good !!

      the smell of perfume thing is coming on the net soon.. i read it in a magazine..

      thanx for the ideas.. more more more plz


        Yeah, I read that some French scientists and programmers were trying to transfer smells via the Internet! Tell me: Are you just planning to get ideas or are you gonna implement them as well? Coz if the later one is ur answer, you should start working on my idea asap If a guppie requests something even more amazing, I'll make sure I forward it to you


          thanx alot

          ofcourse am planning to implement the ideas too !! .. my finals are over this month so in summer imma come up wid somethin cooL .. !! ur dreams/ideas will come true Inshallah.

          keep forwarding ideas fish!!

          and ya all too!!! come on


            One last question! What does your stand for...coz over here its very popular as : Dande se pitayee wala icon:

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     stands for creativity


                lol...lo karlo baat!


                  Fish, hehehe you're so funny!
                  A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.


                    Originally posted by The Fish:
                    lol...lo karlo baat!
                    sa sa sa ga ma rey rey sa ni sa !!

                    ideaaaaaass do na plzzz


                      Create a program that catalogues Mp3's. There's nothing really good out there to do something like that.

                      Share your experiences - they cost you nothing but will make us all richer.


                        Originally posted by SHAHZAD612:
                        Create a program that catalogues Mp3's. There's nothing really good out there to do something like that.

                        omG thats a good idea.....


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                          aur bhi batao plzzzz

                          come on .. more ideas please



                            ideas people ?? please ...



                              hmm unfortunately i am computer science with business major .... i will keep my ideas to myself..
                              wah ji wah ..mufat me zamana a gaya hai...

                              hey buddy... i am glad u r in the race....see u at the winning table of all Millionaires :winner:

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                              chahato ke apne hisab mangta tha
                              ajab shaks tha sab kuch jan ke be
                              aksar apne siwalo ke jawab mangata tha

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