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Smoking Sucks!!!

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    Smoking Sucks!!!

    Hiya guys,

    I don't you if you've ever had this discussion before, but I'm kinda new to it.

    What I wanna moan and complain about is, all these people that are smoking. Especially youngsters, I mean I don't understand why they do it. Okay, maybe it's because of peer pressure, but when they continue to carry on with after that age kinda makes me wonder.

    I was so horrified when I was talking to this girl I know, who smokes about 8/9 a day. I told her what I thought, that she was stupid and was basically killing herself. I said I understand why you did it at school, fair enough everyone tries it, but its been a few years since she has left, and shes still at it.

    Then I mentioned what are you doing to do when your fasting, you'll have to stop then. So she says, no I don't cos when I fast I can't live without a fag, so I have to have one regardless of the fact that I am fasting. Cos as she put it "My rozeh are different, I have my own way of keeping them", ha, ha, I said you don't go making the rules up yourself as you go along. Rules are there for a reason, for example fasting, the whole idea is not to eat, drink, inhale anything.

    I understand it's hard for her, she has a tough life, her parents don't trust her and I don't blame them. To see her no one would believe the stuff she gets up to, but there you go it's the quiet ones you should keep an eye on.

    Any smokers out there, who disagree??

    Sure it sucks!


      [b]Per Chut-ti NahiN hei Kafir Mohn Ko Laggi Hoye

      Dum Maaro Dum...Tay Mitt Hi jaye Gham


        Hi Meena: Sounds like that girl is confused, and needs a couch therapy ASAP! I am not a expert in the area but my experience is people who smoke usually missing some part of their life and smoking is way to compensate for that. Just like Cocaine addict or alcholic. If you are her friend get her to talk to someone sound like she is carrying a big burdon.


          good point u made dilwale but if u look at the scientific side of it, nicotine is addictive. If you start once beacause of lets say peer pressure u cant stop aftera while no matter how much u try.

          I am a big time second hand smokerr i mean, my sister, both of my bros one does it rarely, my dad both grandfathers, my mom's mom are and were (died) cahin smokers. I know my dad he tried to stop but he got so weak and picky that he had no choice but to start again. the doctor also said to start once a day but you know u cant do that. and my bro has liek the biggest temper and if he dont smoke he can kill some one.

          even if you try u cant quit
          u just cant


            NaikLarki - What? Say that again?

            Dilwale - Nobody has to talk to this girl, she talks to everyone. She just blurts out her entire life story, to complete strangers. More shocking news is she is seeing a married man, now that I can't tolerate, if that was my husband, I would throttle him, better still - kill him. And he's got a kid, so he's taken woman, wake up, wake up!! She is one mixed up girl I can tell you. But sometimes I think its the parents. I think they are really strict, up to the stage where she has to collect her bus tickets, so they can see where she has been, etc. So maybe this is her way of rebelling?? I don't know.

            Ofdachain - I understand it must be difficult to stop smoking, but many people have stopped cos they have been really good at it. I think you have to make yourself a goal, and just think about the pro's and con's and decide for yourself. Nothing is impossible.


              Do you folks really believe that Naiklarki is a girl?


                On a serious note, I love to smoke(6 to 7 a day). Used to smoke a pack and a half a day but could not do it anymore. I know the dangers it causes but its become a chemical dependency for me.

                later on



                  I don't think so that you are a girl. Go see your own picture in the Shor Sharaba section with a cigarette in your mouth(Title=Another Flat Stomach).