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Celebrity story #2: Madonna considers toff schools for kids

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    Celebrity story #2: Madonna considers toff schools for kids

    Superstar singer Madonaa seems intent on giving her children the snooty type of upbringing she never had. Applications are expected to be made for both Rocco and Lourdes at respectively; Cheltenham College, a public school in Gloucestershire and Cheltenham Ladies College a boarding school in the same area.

    Many commentators feel that Madonna's admirable attempts to instill English snobbery into her family may be undermined by her New Yawk Italian-American choice of names for her sprogs. A name like Rocco is bound to invite several severe thrashings in his early years as a Fresher - but on a positive note this should build character. On the downside though it may increase homosexual tendencies.


    I take it back ..... forget The Sun, you've obviously got ur hands on a copy of Daily Sports .....

    Turning into a bit of a gossip queen in ur old age i see ... so whats teh latest on Posh and Becks ?????

    So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:
    Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.



      Do you live in Essex? if so, my guess is that you are called either Sharon or Tracy and you own a white handbag with matching shoes.

      Tell me, am I right?


        BTW, I've got a friend called Dave who drives a Ford Escort with a set of furry dice dangling from the rear view mirror. He says he'd like to meet you.


          kyoon baba Xtreme
          have you completely lost it

          Does it say Shor Sharaba anywhere?

          chalain jain do coffee kay cup pee kar aain
          looks like you are completely tun


            Jeez u must be psychic

            The names Smith, Sharon Smith. I have peroxide blonde curly hair and i just love wearing my pink micro skirts with my white stilettos and white PVC handbag - oh and let's not mention me denim jacket

            Tell Dave i'm only interested if the Escort's white. I wouldn't be caught dead in any other colour

            [This message has been edited by Sadi Sobi (edited May 08, 2001).]
            So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:
            Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.


              Sobi, you forgot to mention you love to play Sun bingo over a cup of tea and a ciggy.

              Anchal janu, tum bhi oopar se dekho - zara ghaur se. See the name of the mod up there? X marks the spot. That means I decide what's suitable for this forum see? And for your information, this topic is broader than showbiz tittle-tattle. The fact that Madonna feels it necessary to bring up her kids in a snooty school in England is surely an indictement of schools in America...where we can see from popular movies most students carry guns, wear bandanas and breakdance to hip hop music during class. In fact, in one movie the gangsta attitude was so bad the school governors had to resort to introducing robots as teachers with disastrous consequences.

              Can we blame Madonna if she doesn't want her kids growing up in such an atmosphere?


                Xtreme gulbadan jan-e-chaman
                zara doobara uper dekhoo X kay barabar main Naik bhi hain ....DAH

                Madonna is just being a good wifey and sucking up to her new hubby
                no matter what she does, whom she weds, where she eats, she can never alter her genetic background

                A Royal she aint!!

                Most of us here who have graduated from amreekan schools will tell you that what they show in movies is untrue

                The school i went to had a dress code,
                no bandanas or hats allowed,
                skirts or shorts were to reach down till knees
                and no racial or other slogans on a T-Shrit
                No cigarettes since it was a Non Smoking Campus
                I never saw a kid flashing a gun or a chakoo at other kids
                We had fights but they were the usual fist fights

                Putting one's kids in the most expensive of schools aint gonna work unless you start the necessary education at home


                  >>>>most students carry guns, wear bandanas and breakdance to hip hop music during class.<<<

                  Xtremo, what exactly do you find wrong or objectionable about this? Education means being able to learn the way you please. Nothin wrong with the guns, and other stuff, I wish they also carried condoms.

                  Now back to Madonna. Her fascination with the English snobbery is well known. The reason Chapin in NYC turned down the admissions for her kids was because they will cause too much distraction and take the attention away from kids of other celebs. In England, that apparently is not an issue. Man, these English go gaga over anything American, I am seriously considering moving back there now that I have my US Citizenship.

                  My suggestion to Madonna will be send her kids to the public school that my kids go to. Talk about trashing, my boys will bang the skies out of them. Real NY style. And yes, Rocco is a stupid name.