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5 Distinct Types of Guppos

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    5 Distinct Types of Guppos

    Type 1. Must Malang. This kind is happy go lucky type. Their responses to posts are usually one or two sentences, e.g., “waooo, thanks, I couldn’t have said it better (in fact, they really couldn’t have said anything), you are right on the mark, I totally agree”, or some other pathetic 6 word long sentence.

    Type 2. Newspaper Sellers. This kind of Guppooss link New Articles and their Websites to bring attention to a story or current development. Seldom do they write their own view, and basically agree with whatever the article says. They also believe that they are the only ones who read news on the web. Their ulterior motive is to stir controversy. They would rarely (never) post an article which goes against their own thinking.

    Type 3. Ghundas. This type fights no matter what the issue is. Always finds a target (mainly a personality, and not necessarily a view) and picks on them regardless. Very unhappy folks indeed.

    Type 4. Lakeer key Fakeer. This type usually takes everything seriously, as if their lives depend on it. Make appearance on Religious matters and stick to their ideology at all costs. Refuse to change.

    Type 5. Maknatees. This type usually gathers a big group of similar thinking folks to give high 5’s to one another.

    What category do you fit in? Please be Honest.

    haha. Maqnatees! i haven't heard that word in ages.

    i suppose i am da unique one, i dunn fit into none of those.

    but i'd say ur somewhere in between the ghunda and the lakeer ka fakeer type.


      Hayaa, and then there are those who think they don’t fit in any category. They are like a cubical ball.

      Hayaa, you just proved yourself to be in “Ghunda” category by picking on me. But you have a point. I can be Ghunda at times, but rarely a Lakeer Ka Fakeer.



        I'm more like a spherical cube and yes, i do think i can be a ghunda at times, but it's always so unintentional and innocent

        I deserve some candy now.

        I think after a little khainch-taan, we could probably fit u under all of the last three categories. Your a rather flexible lakeer ka faqeer ghunda who likes to share his huqqa and a hearty laugh with the similar thinking folks.

        I wonder where ur maqnatees are.


          Very good analysis NYA....!!!

          Now you guys know where I fit

          AND am proud of that


            i wreckon i fit into the 5th group and those that i hang around with know who they are

            the dictionary is the only place where success comes before work
            I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by


              NYA How about yourself, where do you fit in?


                I guess I'm no.5 and NYA is between 3 and 4?


                  I haven't a clue what I am ( honest, I would not be so presumptious! )...

                  Apparently, there are a lot of accusations being thrown about in the religous forum ( so what's new there? )... accusing each other of being cut & paste gurus and such...

                  It's true that its easy to go overboard when pasting stuff just for the sheer hell of it... and I agree that such stuff has no point when the person posting does not offer his own views on the subject... but it sometimes does lend weight to arguments... assuming that the person told everybody else where he was on the issue.

                  Anyway, enough of me talking on cluelessly...

                  Ah haan! Now I know that I fit into the clueless Guppo category!

                  They shoot partypoopers, don't they?


                    there is another group , the "khamosh tamashai" i guess thats my place.

                    Your luv maybe a thrill but it doesnt pay my bill.


                      and there is another guppo category. those who don't fit in anywhere...i thin that covers everyone now.

                      which one am i??? hmm..i hate 1,2,3 and 4

                      either 5 sometimes of the 6th one that i just made up. eh, who cares about labels anyway. just be.
                      Got Gup?


                        Heeyyyyy .. can't see my category n e where ......!! 'THE MYSTERIOUS KIND'... .. oh well that was a joke..but seriously... i guess i m a bit of 1 n 2 ... .. its not THAT bad..


                        *I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge.
                        *That myth is more potent than history.
                        *That dreams are more powerful than facts.
                        *That hope always triumphs over experience.
                        *That laughter is the only cure for grief.
                        *And I believe that love is stronger than death.


                          Probably one.
                          I just don't have the time, patience, or the energy to type long answers, especially on a forum where already so much is written that most of the times adding anything additional seems pointless.
                          Life is only a dream.


                            Which category do i fit in please tell me i would love to know
                            We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


                              hmmm...i don't think i fit in any of those catagories...

                              hayaa bibi ka mashoor danda type 3??