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Da Pakhto sandare pa internet

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    Da Pakhto sandare pa internet

    Any one who can tell me a site having pashto songs new or old?

    #2 click on Music and you will find alot of songs, old and new.

    Pashto songs and pride:

    Go to , in categories pick Pashto and click on go. (Rahim Shah songs)

    There are more sites, but dont have time right now. A really good website is a (Pakhto portal like). They got Audio, Video 'n all sort of information. Right now they are upgrading the site so you gotta wait.

    Hope that helps,

    Khudia pa amaan

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      Yo sandara da che ze daera mauday na internet banay latawum, kho na milaweezee. :-/

      Its the one that goes like this,
      Zwanah da soke yay che golai urawaay, da khpal neeka auw baba pa Kalai...umm..
      day hadeerey(sp?) ke de khpulwaan prathe dee, soke paroon soke yay pakhwaa weeshtalee...