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Some seriuos matter ( For Computer experts)

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    Some seriuos matter ( For Computer experts)

    I know this site is for general gupshup, but if some one could help me then pl. do so.

    The problem is 2 days before , my computer hard disk is crashed by some virus,
    the messege is

    ***Partition not found ****

    I know there r some software by which one can retrieve data.If some one knows the name then pl. let me know about that ( If possible then also give the URL too


    aaahhh chanda...... third year and you were taken by the CIH aka chernobyl...... yur computer crashed on 26th ...... and its was running win 9.x right ?? ....its been happening for last three years... is retrievable.....The virus has wiped the first 2048 sectors of yur HD.... files are still there..... Its a loooOOong and difficult process.... yur in Khi so I cant tell you where to go. Goto the computer market....ppl there will recover data for you for few hundred rupees.

    otherwise use and see if it helps...... I havent used it...its new and known to work.... and dont ask me how to use it

    next April 26th ... dont turn on yur computer