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    (Ottawa, Canada ? 04/25/01)
    The President and Vice-Chancellor
    of York University, along with the Dean of Osgoode Hall Law School, have
    strongly condemned and apologized for an Islamophobic commentary that recently appeared in Obiter Dicta, a student
    newspaper of the law school.

    The University is also taking disciplinary action against the student who wrote the March 12th op-ed piece, "In Allah We Trust", which included statements such as:

    "...children and adults alike of Islam do not have the luxury of CHOICE...
    precisely because of Islam's oppressive, backwards and brutal realities which is an affront to basic human dignity..."

    "...there is NOTHING, absolutely nothing spiritual about that Islamic faith. At best, it is a protocol of social conduct, a hybrid if you will of the worst elements of communism and fascism co-existing in a monstrous symbiosis; of oppression and most pervasive and intolerable regulation..."

    "...As for the readers of our paper, all I can say to you is to BEWARE and to beware of the religious fanatics among us and false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves!"

    The commentary was in response to a series of educational articles about Islamic Law that had previously appeared in the Obiter.
    (See for full commentary)

    In letters sent to York University President Lorna Marsden and Law School Dean Peter W. Hogg, CAIR CAN Executive Director Riad Saloojee wrote:

    "Rarely, however, have we ever encountered the malice and deep-seated prejudice. Indeed, the article goes far beyond either opinion or scholarly debate; it incites hatred against Muslims and crosses into the realm of hate literature."
    "That a law school paper, committed to the service of its student body, would publish such hate is intolerable...We request that the university administration conduct an investigation into the matter and take appropriate measures to ensure that this situation never re-occurs."

    In her reply to CAIR-CAN, President Marsden, wrote:

    "Osgoode Hall Law School and York University take very seriously their commitment to social equality, and both the School and the University endeavour at all times to be respectful of difference and diversity."
    "...A formal complaint has been filed against [the student] and the Associate Dean of the Law School ... has begun proceedings in accordance with the Presidential Regulations Governing the Conduct of Students at York University."

    "Please be assured, therefore, that this matter has been treated with every seriousness by the administration of York University, and prompt remedial and disciplinary action has been taken."

    Dean Hogg also replied to CAIR CAN, stating:

    "May I say how deeply sorry I am that the offensive article was written by a law student and published in Obiter Dicta,
    the student newspaper..."

    "We are deeply committed to tolerance and equality for all races and religious faiths. Our formal policy in this regard
    is prominently posted around the Law School. It is very upsetting when members of the community fail to respect those

    >In the March 19th issue of the Obiter, Dean Hogg and eight students wrote to condemn the bigoted article. The editor also issued an apology.
    (See for letters and apology)

    "It is encouraging to see such fair-minded and swift action from the administration of York University towards such a hateful attack on Islam," said CAIR CAN Board member Dr. Jamal Badawi.
    22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .

    Like wow.
    This is happening right in our backyard!
    Knowing how large the muslim student population is in York the author safe or in hiding?


      Man, I think he better be in hiding. I'm reading the responses to his article..and boy you can feel the tension. Honestly, did the guy actually think that he could get away with writing such trash!!...
      22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


        Muzna..check this out.....I think he is in's getting threatening e-mails.

        Intolerance for Intolerance
        By Demitry Papasotiriou

        To begin, I wish to thank those of you who have supported my position with respect to my article, “In Allah We Trust”, in last week’s Obiter. I also wish to express my grave concerns with respect to those of you who have opposed my opinion through the medium of anonymous and threatening e-mails. I therefore must address the latter group here, since I obviously can not do it directly. this article he also talks about Benazir Bhutto and fornication, and Algeria. Hmm....this guy has definitely got one too many screws loose

        "Tala'al Badru 'alainaa, Min Sunniyatil Wadaa'i*, Waja-bash-shukru 'alainaa, Ma da'a lillahe daa'e, Ayyuhal mab'uthu feenaa, Jai'ta bil amril mutaa'i."

        (Trans.: "Today we have seen the full Moon appear before us, from the southern hill of Sunniyat Al-Wada*. It is incumbent upon us to offer thanks for the invitation towards Allah and enlightenment shown to us. O Prophet, who has been raised among and for us, you have brought to us such a creed that we shall follow.")

        *This means Hill of Farewell

        [This message has been edited by Hinna (edited April 26, 2001).]
        22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


          The guy is obviously a punk! He cleverly quotes the bible and discards religon at the same time!!

          WHat a confused individua!!


            Nice to see our fellow muslims actively keeping an eye on the media in Candada. Let this be an example for all of us to make sure nothing in the media is mis-portraying our religion. We have fingers, so type a reply if you feel that an article is violating our rights.

            "None of you truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself."


              a closed brain is worse than a closed heart


                How can someone still be so ill-advised on the subject? Not only does he appear to not have done any homework on the matter, he doesn't even present his position very well.

                I'm not going to even begin to comment on the grammar and style issues!

                Either this guy is as confused as his paper or this is an intentional attempt to gain some notoriety by an immature first-year kid.


                  If he's intimidated by the muslims in the community, his article will gain validity and "kind of attention" it doesn't deserve. So pls. those in the area, urge the local muslims population to use the heads rather than hearts.

                  This article along with the author should be used as the poster boy to educate people about how "lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing."

                  >>>>all I can say to you is to BEWARE and to beware of the religious fanatics among us and false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves!"

                  I love this line. This line should be used to educate people about ignorance towards the unknown and what better way to do it than to quote this person right from the article. Here how we can start: "This is what the author of the article believes and we, the muslims, whole heartedly agree. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Know it all. This is what Islam is all about....(fill up with his quotes and how it contradicts with Islam with direct quotes from Quran)." etc.. etc..