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Brake or Down-shift? That is the Question . . .

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    Brake or Down-shift? That is the Question . . .

    I mean doesn't it just boil down to whether you want to replace the clutch or the brakes first? (giggles)

    Anyone know the answer?

    A thorny Q but a simple A.

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      Brake pads are significantly cheaper than a clutch. You can even replace brake pads yourself if you've got the time, try replacing a clutch and you'll wish you never started.

      Braking is safer as you control the pressure and hence the extent of your braking, a clutch change is fixed.

      Use your brakes, why would anyone want to use their clutch or have I completely misunderstood a North American driving thing ?

      Ps I thought North Americans just drove automatics ?

      Farouq Taj.


        With the recent car fanatic threads....this one seemed important to revive.



          Brakes were so hard, it shfted down the speed to one post / year till now

          It's always been very hard to say " I was wrong ! "
          But is never too late to Say " I am sorry "

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            I have bene told downshifting is not really a good idea just to use to slow down the car. the reason been that your puting the car into a lower gear at a much higher then normal speed. So in effect you would be wearing out the engine parts as well as the clutch. Since these are rated at a certain lifespans under normal conditions, you would be reducing the lifespan of the car. Also by reving the car up in a lower gear you are using/wasting a lot more fuel then neccessary. -- very enviromentally unfriendly .

            As for brakes, they have a lifespan based on the premise that you would use them! .. so there you are not really altering the lifespan of the item by using them.

            If money/time is no object then you can use either i suppose.


              how about don't brake or downshift - just accelerate !!!! and see what happens I bet it's a faster way to go than drowning

              "jeevan ki ho tum taqdeer, mein Ranjha hoon tu meri Heer"