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    what is a pagal?? wud we dfine it....pagal...not the pagalpun....n e suggestions?

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      only a paagal knows what paagal means!

      koi bhee achee see baat socho....

      paagal ho jao gay!



        Paagal is one who is in love,
        And Paagal is one who is above.
        Hay,the above guy please dont mind.just kidding haan

        Pagal is one who thinks that he knows everything.But actually he knows nothing.
        Two more types of pagalz;
        1.Pagal by heart--the one who falls in love but cant get married due to some Majboorian.
        2.Pagal by mind---the one who falls in love and get married. lol

        But tell me one thing that why r u asking this question????
        Are u going to be phycologist in coming future.
        Hope that u dont mind me to ask these two questions and are still smiling like this & this



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            the question remains.....what is pagal...who is pagal...and why it has to have this 'marriage' conotations in it.....with or w/o marriage...or maybe the cultural boundries forbid us to explain or experience being pagal outside the realm of marriage ....once again...we r not talking about the 'pagalpun' here....and no...i am not going to be a psychologist or n e thing...its a simple question....and thats all..n e more innovative thoughts??....obsecure thoughts??...wierd thoughts....anything??>....anyone out there....maybe a differet approach to the answer......

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              A pagal is someone whom WE as a society label..OR deviated from the so called term "norm" .....So anyone who dosen't fall in da middle of da bell curve can be called a "pagal" me personally there is NO such thing as "pagal" simply if we da majority with our set notions and ideas ....fails to see something from our frame of reference and cannot relate to it....dosen't mean or give us da right to catagorize someone whom we do not understand.

              So in a nutshell a pagal is someone who deviates from what we call "normal" behaviour...thinknig...actions whatever...he might be Beyond....or might not i said..if we cannot relate to his "reality" or views than i cannot define it more than that..i guess one has to BE in that...galaxy of thoughts to actually Know! GO FIGURE!!!!


                soniya bb....we have talked about this if u recall...and this still doesn't answer the question...we know all that...the norms...the bell curve...'we' still r looking for the answers.....and the galxies r still there...and ur term for the pagal still fly in that u go and 'FIGURE'....keep pondering....


                  Narcist SAHIB!!!

                  I do recall ...going over it...and ..i didn;t respond to ANSWER your question....i was simply puting my 2 cents...and if it didn;t answer your question or satisfy your curiosity than too bad....

                  Secondly ...i am completely happy with "not knowing" the meaning of chilled...and have no motivation or energy to "ponder") good luck with finding the Answer you are looking for!!!!




                      take a trip to pakiland....and do not spend too much time there..otherwise U will become what U R looking for.


                        Pagal not Pagal-pun?....
                        Ek hi baat hai yaar
                        Let's see...
                        Okay how about this?

                        AankhoN ko bhi le dooba es dil ka pagal-pun
                        Aatay jaatay jo milta hai, tumsa lagta hai

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                          pungay baaz....yeah after she leaves or it gets old....the 'tum jaisa lagta hey' sets in...i know it me....


                            Paagal, hmmm, a tough one.

                            Well, my explanation - this word has lost its meaning, at one point in time it meant someone who is mad, crazy a loony. Someone who has a severe problem and cannot control themselves both mentally and physically.

                            Languages are changing with modern times, some words become more popular and some just die out, because they ain't used anymore, in this way meanings of words are constantly being changed, not deliberately but rather accidental.

                            However, now this word 'paagal' has diverted from its original meaning, and now basically means someone who is different, has a difference of opinion. I think it is used in a different context altogether, I mean I say it a lot, especially when I'm together with friends, family - when someone says something ridiculous and absurd, I say your 'paagal'. I called my loved one this term in a friendly, loving way and don't mean in anything else.

                            So the word 'paagal' has deterioted in meaning and means what you want it to!!!

                            What do ya say to this explanation??!!!