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Yea kiya chakkar hai?

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    Yea kiya chakkar hai?

    After a gap of many months, today I went to the website of The News (Pakistani newspaper) and they have a notice on first page that

    They have the same message in the page header (which appears on the blue bar on top of the page) "Only www.etc is original The News International Pakistan".

    So, whats this chakkar? What happened which made them so particular? Did someone made another website and tried to present it off as The News website???


    Actually before jang launched its online version, someone had been manually typing in news items off its paper version, and people had gotten the impression that that was the official jang website, whereas it wasnt. Dawn went thru a similar identity crisis. It wasnt malicious, nor was it any sort of domain hijacking...just that people got used to the unofficial versions of these sites. And now in an attempt to draw alllllllll the readers to their official site, jang folks keep stressing that is indeed the official site.

    Another reason may be the fact that they dont own the nametag either.