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The IM from God

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    The IM from God

    Today, I got an IM on gupshup with a blank in place of the name of the sender. The orphan message was philosophical in content - "mess up often, don;t u?". What's astonishing is that the appearance of the message on my screen was preceded by a rather messy session in the bathroom involving experiments with wet toilet paper. The enigmatic punctuation mark in the message did very much resemble the.. hmmm..

    However, when I clicked on the reply button, it showed the sender to be Administrator. Now is Admin God? If not, what the hell is Admin doing peeking into the john at my place? Dear God, if it indeed were you, and not that nosy admin who kicks me out of chat all the while, please, please ignore that rather vile comment I send you in reply. If you are indeed admin, send me one more of those empty , and I'll send you some neat pics (GupshupGIFs.exe).

    Awaiting confirmation,

    queer "Pristine, get outta my loo"

    ps> i mean it.
    Simple ain't easy.

    ha ha this is so funny!!!!!
    :hula: :hula: :hula: and more :hula:



      Why does my nick enter this equation? If you are having any problems email gupshupadmin. Whatever you do in your loo or in your Inbox is not of the slightest interest to me.

      Take care.

      ps. I probably wouldn't even have checked this thread, but since last week you have made it an irritating habit of bringing my nick in your irreverent posts, so I dropped in. Excuse me.


        Pristine buddy,

        You're not the one that should be irritated.....from queer's story about his bathroom.....he's the one in that predicament.

        queer....what's new?


          Dearest Queer,

          i think the same god is after me too.

          I mean there is one thing for a god to be after me, but another thing for it to be after you.

          Notice my use of subjects and pronouns in the sentence above.

          P.S. Hey queer, i'd be prettey flattered if you mentioned my name in every irrelevant post of yours. Pristine - i'm so envious of you !!


            similar incident occured avec moi - tres strange!
            A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.



              Jesus Kryste!! CatWoman, Aphrodyte, and now me! From the looks of it, the most innocent, pure minded folks on gupshup are the chosen ones. Somebody help us poor lambs.

              oye Pristine,

              I had to name someone, and all the other mods have big ego problems. You are the only one I trusted to take a joke the right way. And now you do this! :-\ btw, how dare you label a thread on the Almighty as irreverent!


              If you really want to know - I bought a new pair of jeans. And they are horrible - desi hiphuggers(tyte-pants) are the best! How have you been?

              Simple ain't easy.


                nahi queer, when it comes to desi guys, hip-huggers don't work. (those r when it comes to girls silly!! )

                As a desi guy, build the -thug look.- or geno look.
                or in your case, er, at least try. I'm sure it'll work out.
                IMO, next time get the baggy jeans.


                  queerio, mess up often, don't you?


                    Queer, for some reason I find it hard to corelate your post with the Almighty?

                    aphrodite: don't be.

                    ps: I see stupid people. They are everywhere.

                    ps2: Baggy jeans all da way!


                      like so queer janeman like after kohalic's reply you would sooooooo not want your jeans hena

                      ummm can I have em...I reckon they would like look way cool with my hot pink lycra top

                      ps. What size are you?
                      ps2. I spy with my little eye something beginning with S