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    Canadian Immigration


    Has anyone here recently applied for immigration to Canada on skilled worker basis?
    I would like to get details of how to go about it and how long it takes and also did you use a lawyer or is it fairly easy to do by oneself? If you did use a lawyer, could you give a recomendation?

    Thank you.

    The whole procedure is explained in the brochure which comes with application forum. If applied in the US, it would take about 7-9 months to get your Landed documents. Immigration Canada used to waive interviews for American graduates, but I think it's not the case anymore and everyone( Pakistani citizen) has to go through one.

    You should be able to apply on your own. Many of my friends have done their own cases. I know few good lawyers in Vancouver who deal in this matter. Feel free to drop me an e.mail if you require further assistance.


      nvmd..i misinterpretted something.

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        This link will help u alot.

        download the guide & read through it. If u say that you are university graduate (from anywhere I mean PK graduates as well) then u definately dont need a lawyer.

        Good Luck.