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April FOOL.........Should we ( the-Muslims)celebrate? plz read!

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    April FOOL.........Should we ( the-Muslims)celebrate? plz read!


    This might seem boring to u all....but its about time we know the reality !
    Most of us celebrate April fool day every year and fool each other. Isn't it? But how many of us know the bitter facts hidden behind it.

    It was around a thousand years ago that Muslims ruled Spain. The Muslim power in
    Spain was so strong that it couldn't be destroyed. The Christians of the west wished to wipe out Islam from all parts of the world and they did succeed to quite
    an extent. But when they tried to eliminate Islam in Spain and conquer it they failed. They tried several times but never succeeded. The unbelievers then sent
    their spies in Spain to study the Muslims there, and find out what was the power they possessed and they found that their power was TAQWA.
    The Muslims of Spain were not just Muslims but they were practicing Muslims. They not only read the Quran but also acted
    upon it.
    E.g. the quran said "Alghina o shiddu minaz
    zina" i.e. Music is worse than zina.
    They also practiced it they said no to Music, they said no to
    beer wine and all the other things forbidden in Islam.
    If they read about Hijab in the Holy Quran they practiced it too unlike most of us today.
    (Faith without Practice is disastrous-Hadith), so let us join
    hands and promise to become true practicing Muslims.

    When the Christians found the power of the Muslims they started thinking of strategies to break this
    power. So they started sending alcohols and cigarettes
    to Spain free of cost. This technique of the west
    worked out and it started weakening the faith of the
    Muslims in particular the young generation of Spain.
    The result was that the Catholics of the west wiped
    out Islam and conquered the entire Spain bringing an
    Spain. The last fall of the Muslims was the Grenada
    (Ghornata) fall which was on the 1st of April. And from that year onwards every year they celebrate fools
    day on the 1st of April, that they made the Muslims
    fool on this day and we the Muslims were fooled by the
    unbelievers on this day which they now celebrate as
    April fool's day.

    Dear GUPPIES why are we celebrating our own foolishness, our own downfall,
    The answer is due to ignorance, right? None of us knew about it or else we would have never celebrated this day we would never have celebrated our own
    downfall. So now we be aware of it and now letís promise that we shall never celebrate this day .

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    I posted a similar message before however, the authenticity was questioned.

    As far as we know is that if we have some authentic proof that it really happened this way - its a go! however, as long as there is doubt we should avoid it.!!!!


      oooooooooooooooooops we never knew u already had posted this....1st april is comin' so our idea was to share this information with all GUPPIES!

      '.......I always knew looking back on the tears
      would make me laugh...
      But i never knew looking back on the laughs would
      make me cry......'


        why do you people want to delve into the narrow meanings of various things.have fun on
        april fools day. why take up the cause of a war which ended a 1000 years ago?