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Pakistanis riot in Bradford (UK)

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    Pakistanis riot in Bradford (UK)

    News source quote:

    Scores of Asian youths, some armed with petrol bombs and rockets, clashed with riot police as violence flared in inner city Britain.

    Around 80 youths were involved in skirmishes near a police station in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

    Earlier, police patrols came under attack from bottles, bricks and fireworks in the Harrison Lane area of Halifax in a separate outbreak of violence.

    In Bradford, a mob gathered in the Manningham district of the city, near the Toller Lane police station - the scene of riots by Muslim
    youths in 1995.

    A police spokesman said the youths ignored requests from community leaders to disperse and began hurling fireworks and rockets at

    A local car sales garage was set alight and destroyed by fire while a telephone kiosk with a gas cylinder left inside was ignited.

    Police chiefs were forced to call in officers from other areas of West Yorkshire to tackle the Bonfire Night disorder.

    The barrage of missiles, aimed at officers and the police station, continued until officers in riot gear moved in to disperse the crowd.

    "Officers wearing protective clothing were deployed to disperse the youths. A number of petrol bombs were later recovered," said a police

    There were no reports of any injuries and no arrests were made, added the spokesman. An inquiry was under way into the disorder, he

    Farouq Taj

    this is terrible farouq but WHY???



      itnay kadway kadway such na likha kero!

      log "kutta" "kutta" kahain gay!


        High curry prices are the cause...!!


          Anyone seen the movie, "The Siege" - same scenario.


            i heard the Muslims in N.Y. had this big jaloos aaagainst the seige i wanted to watch but my frnds said they could not watch anything degarding muslims
            i guess they ar right


              yohoooo !!!!! curry munchies

              well done . hhahaha( kiding )

              not a new thing farooq you live in london you would have seen more fire works there .
              and you know practide makes the man perfect now they are perfect morons . and bradford
              hahahahahahaha mir......