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    CM's bookmarks.

    I am in no way responsible for younger individual's being corrupted, or mentally incapasitated by the links i post.
    I provide a rating system, if they choose to ignore it, not my fault.
    And mod's these will not porn sites.
    Extremely weird yes."

    Yes i am back, but just for around 10 days, i have a break from college after that i am off again.
    Anyway, i have alot of freaky and sometimes cool stuff on my bookmarks, so this will be a weekly post.

    You like flash technology?
    You like small humorous skits?
    You OVER 18??

    Visit the IceBox.
    Addy is

    Excellent site, but some over 18 stuff.
    The Celbcam is excellent.
    And StarShip Regulars, is a must for any startrek fans.
    So if you are under 18 stay away from any Bill Clinton jokes.
    I am serious.

    However this site does have a very slow server, so be warned, it shows up sometimes.
    Best use Internet Explorer to be safe.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!

    younger individuals? CM I dont see nyone younger than you here!

    anyway, good to see u here, i know i owe u an email!

    I don't have time to worry -I'd rather keep that for my next life.
    A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.


      Now that is one hell of a site for sore eyes

      he tips his hat

      I am talking about cat-woman and not your site CM..... which I better check out.

      Neways welcome back bud.

      [This message has been edited by Kajoor (edited March 06, 2001).]


        You are back!!!
        I knew you coudn't resist us.
        Good to have you back, hope it's not a temporary phase!


          Nope funky sorry, i am only on for a couple of days, at max 15 days.
          I have a 10 day break from Friday, till the 19th - Monday.
          From then on depending on my schedule, i might not be on for some time.
          And what nobody checked out the site??

          Me the youngest??
          You shouldn't be talking as you are like a couple of months older than me.
          And What an icon!!!

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            welcome back--nutcase, even if it is for a max of 15 days.