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How many of you think Slaughtering is cruel?

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    How many of you think Slaughtering is cruel?

    and why???

    I don't think it is cruel since we do it in the name of Allah(swt). Something is cruel if killed to have fun like hunting or to make money.
    (But I can't slaughter any living being by myself..)

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      May I assume that you are referring to zabiha meat as stipulated by Islamic injunctions?

      Cruelty upon the weak is one of the gravest of crimes in the eyes of Islam. This, obviously, includes cruelty to animals and would apply to any "cruel" experiments conducted upon animals.

      However, the important thing in the concept of "cruelty" upon animals is to decide about what exactly constitutes "cruelty". One may consider experiments conducted upon animals, with the objective of deriving benefits for the human race, to fall within the folds of "cruelty", while another person may consider it otherwise. Nevertheless, there would hardly be any difference of opinion in the "cruelty" involved in deriving pleasure from killing another creature. As far as experiments on animals involving medical and cosmetic research are concerned, I am of the opinion that due to the basic spirit of deriving benefits for mankind, involved in such experiments, they should not be placed within the framework of "cruelty". Just as we kill innumerable living bacteria, every time we wash our hands and clean our bodies; just as we use animals for food, and even as we subdue and train a horse to make use of its natural abilities we can also use them, in any other manner, for the general benefit of mankind. Such usage of animals is not prohibited by the Islamic Shari`ah.

      The method, which is generally adopted by Muslims for slaughtering an animal involves making an incision across its neck, which severs its main arteries. Thus the process really cannot be termed as resulting in a "slow and cruel death". In fact, there are acclaimed sources which considers this method of slaughtering an animal to be less painful than any other method. For instance, the Encyclopedia Britannica writes:

      "Objections have sometimes been raised to this method of slaughter on the grounds of cruelty. The sight of the struggling animal aroused the concern of humane societies, and in some European countries this resulted in legislation forbidding shehitah [The method of slaughter prescribed by the Judaic law, which is quite similar to the one adopted by the Muslims]. Scientific opinion indicates, however, that severance of the carotid arteries and the jugular vein by one swift movement results in almost immediate loss of consciousness, and the after-struggle is reflex muscular action. (See Note on ‘Kosher’)"

      Futhermore, there are innumerable narratives ascribed to the Prophet (pbuh) reporting his teachings regarding good treatment of animals. For instance, the Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have:
      • stopped people from hitting or b*****ng animals on their faces
        [Abu Dawood, Kitaab al-Jihaad];
      • condemned people whose pets die due to lack of care on the part of their owners
        [Bukhari, Kitaab al-Aazaan];
      • said: “The worst among herdsmen are those who are cruel toward their animals and who do not show mercy upon them”
        [Ahmad ibn Hanbal, No. 19719]
      • condemned people who tear animals to pieces
        [Al-Daarmiy, Kitaab al-Adhaahiy];
      • stopped people from killing tied or confined animals and birds
        [Bukhari, Kitaab al-Dhabaaih wa al-Sayd];
      • stopped people from killing for sport
        [Muslim, Kitaab al-Sayd wa al-Dhabaaih];
      • directed people to keep their animals clean
        [Ahmad ibn Hanbal, No. 9252];
      • prompted people to provide drink for thirsty animals
        [Bukhari, Kitaab al-Wudhu];
      • prompted people to let animals and birds satisfy their hunger from his plantations
        [Bukhari, Kitaab al-Muzaari`ah];

      I hope this helps.

      The Learner.

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        Very nice and informative post, Partypooper.....

        Islamic way of slaughtering is in every way better than the commercial way of slaughtering in the west......recent studies in the Germany showed that animals which were electrocuted died a slow death, they continued to live several minutes afetr the electric shock. Whereas animals slaughtered by the Islamic way, went unconcious instantly when their throat was cut. Upon sacrificing, the animals heart starts to beat at a higher rate, and after the throat is cut the heart continues to beat at the same rate, so the blood merely does not flow out of the cut viens, it is pumped out of the animal.

        The Prophet emphasised that the knife used for sacrificing the animal should be as sharp as possible, so the animal endures little suffering. Islam is a very reasonable and a ligical religion. It enforced animal rights 1400 years before the West did.

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          naa not cruel
          well we need it dont we
          its food
          thats the way it is
          its the law of the jungle...
          and at the end of the day we are animals too

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            Originally posted by PureLand:
            Something is cruel if killed to have fun like hunting or to make money.

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            What do u mean by making money... it a bit ambigious...
            Butchers kill to make money... is that then cruel...


              At the end of the day, it a question about u being a veritarian... or not...

              If u think that u have respect for/towards animals, then u're likey to find it cruel, and it will be very difficult for u to comprimize with no exception...


                Khan Sahib, for the first time I dis agree to what you asked in here.
                In my thinking such thing shouldn't be a Question anyways.
                These are the absolute Islmic ways which have nothing vague in their definition. We only need to Follow them as they are being told rather than Question them.
                Zabihah wheather for the sake of meat or to please God, if done in the way it has been told and of course God's name is said while doing it - It is the best halal you can get and there's nothing as Cruelity in it.
                I agree to Pureland - HE has been much concise. Only diference is I Can Slaughter

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                Dard-e-Dil main bhee kuch to dil aya ho ga!


                  Originally posted by PureLand:
                  I don't think it is cruel since we do it in the name of Allah(swt). Something is cruel if killed to have fun like hunting or to make money.
                  (But I can't slaughter any living being by myself..)

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                  Pure land & Actually to all,

                  Individually inability to do anything doesnt make it cruel or anythiung.All cannot operate knife like surgeon so is the surgeon cruel.Very much like a surgeon you sacrifice for the GREATER good.As you know life is not fair ,and no 1 can make it so except allah who made everything & how the food chain cycle ,the cycle of life as Simba (LION KING movie)learnt in circle of life song by Elton John.Lions eat animals then lion die & go to the earth like muslims buried in earth the ca .phosphorous of bone ,the protein of musceles gets converted in to nitrogenous fertilizing food for grass ,animals eat that & then get eaen by lion & circle of life goes on.,Science students know matter cannot be destroyed only changed in form.Burying i think is better than cremation because you lose to make thermal energy & gases when you burn (cremate)which i doubt is very useful for earth grounded vegetations.

                  As for feeling sorry, sympathy ,you can mourn for any loss ,be it through death or relocation & its painfull.But if we give animals equal rights as humans as some ancient buddhist ,hindus,suggested,it would be detrimental to the survival of the human,even the most nobel of men.Balance in nature is maintained by hunted & the hunter even without man interfering.But men have to kill deer in some areas as it becomes overcrowded for animal itself .Monkeys ,cattles ,elephants & many other animals some time have threatened farms & human habitation in Africa & have to be over killed to bring back balance of number of animals.
                  Food supply is another reason,With world utilizing almost all sort of animals from Snake to coackroaches (chinese eat) still food supply in Asia & developing nation of Africa are low, Its either that or die yourself of hunger.& we all know suicide in Islam is haram & we are to preserve our life as a 'aamanat'GIFT, & have no right to risk it in any way using all our faculties with guidence from koran & his prophet.

                  So not only it is essential for our total survival & health (animal protein are necessary )but the method of halla zabiha in which you slit carotid artery rendering animal unconscious within 30 sec. making it painless moment blood ceases going to the brain & rest is like operation under anaesthesia which is going on thousands of it in any given hour in this country alone.


                  "jo kHat main kahte they apni jaan mujhko
                  aaj kHat likhne main unki jaan jaati hai .....

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                    Originally posted by cybertalha:

                    If u think that u have respect for/towards animals, then u're likey to find it cruel, and it will be very difficult for u to comprimize with no exception...
                    One thing about many veggies is that allthough they don't eat meat they still by leather products like wallets and shoes.

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                      oooooh.......nice thing pointed out Aisha......lets see what our neighbours will have in reply to it...

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