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female education in the third world countries.

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    female education in the third world countries.

    hello guys,
    Actually I have to write a thesis in my rhetoric class and I have decided to take the topic of female education in third world countries.For my thesis I have to find out the opinions of different people, so please write your ideas and what you think about it.

    if it is possible,then write your name,city where you live and your qualification.(I will be thankful to you)

    I can tell you alot about it, becuase I have visited the small villages in Pakistan, but, currently I am not living in Pakistan. On top of it my information is about 4 to 6 years old. The best I can do is that, I can give you an email address and that guy might be of any help. It is entirely upto you if you want to get information from Pakistan.


      Thanks najim,
      please send the e-mail address to the following e-mail address
      [email protected]


        You should be getting an email from me very soon.


          p of p:

          I don't have any hard figures but for all of Pakistan's failures in the education department some progress has been made. In my goan (Panjeri, Kashmir) they had the choice between opening a school for girls or boys and the village decided to open one for girls.

          There reasoning was that it would be easier to send the boys outside the village for education then the girls. Also, once they educate the local girls the girls would then be able to educate other local kids where the boys would just leave the goan for the city. It isn't much but old ways of thinking related to educating females are changing.




            this seems to be a very serious topic
            and i would really like to post some of my ideas; first of all there shouldnt be any third world countries i am really sick of this first, second, third, fourth..., type
            of competitions. secondly the basic question is: Why do women need education?
            I mean look at yourself (i am asssuming that you are female) you are "begging" for comments for your thesis, imagine that you were not writing this thesis on such a silly topic, how easy your life would be!!!
            you should also note the respond to this topic and realise that no one wants to talk about women and their education
            or maybe thay dont want to talk about third world countries !!!
            my advice is leave this **** topic and enjoy your life
            by the way why you chose such a boring topic???



              hello bazooka,
              It is really a serious topic and I really want advices from all of you ( I am not begging but requesting you all to give your precious advices)
              Thanks for your comments ( as I can't
              leave this topic because I want all my American fellows to think just once about developing countries)


                Princess of Passion (nice name I might add).

                We have to live in this sick world where at one end people have no money to buy food, and the other end people have no idea how to spend the money that they have. Many say it is the fault of that person because he did not persue an education. Well, had he had the money and the resources, I think that person might have studied. Lets take the Muslim third world countries first. There where the resources are available for the women to get education, her family does not let her cuz they say that she is eventually gonna get married and will not be of use for us and that whatever money we can save this way, we should. Unfortunately, they see a girl as a liability rather then an asset. These parents have forgotten that Islam encourages Education regardless of the sex. First verse that came down to Prophet (saw) was "READ!"

                Allah (swt) knows the importance of education. In english they say, 'you can lose everything but your education'.

                Now the topic comes to why the 3rd world countries do not encourage education. That is cuz of 'Big Daddy' America. This supreme world power today knows that if the thirld world gets an education, they do not stand a chance to compete in the consumer market. Just look at where Japan, China, S.Korea and now Taiwan are going. They have stopped the sale of american goods. So america tells each country to spend it's resources on Defense and other things which they dont need in the near future. Look at wher India is going slowly but shorely. They have Merceds, BMW, Honda plants there.

                So, the female is treated like dirt in these countries whereas in america you always here about getting equality for both sexes but this same america wants the women of the 3rd world country to stay illiterate. Why, cuz they America wants to stay ahead of the competition

                This might not make much sense to you all, but this is the truth of the matter.

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                  hello homiD,
                  first, thanks for your compliment. Also I want to say that I really like your ideas and I am 100% agree with you


                    P of P hi,

                    Education for all should be necessary, especially for women in our part of the world,i.e., Pakistan. I would not go as far as blaming the "Big daddy" US for illetracy in Pakistan cause I think blaming someone else for your innefficiencies is the easy way out. I would fully blame the Pakiatani government for not encouraging and stressing upon education. Educating women will not necessarily mean that Pakistan will be freed from the billions of dollars of debt, but, it will ensure that Pakistanis are moving on the right track. The economic shape Pakistan is in will REQUIRE that both men and women become an effective part of the skilled labor force. This is a very serious matter and the literacy rate needs to be increased to solidify the infrastructure of our dear country.

                    Other requirements:
                    You can get my name from my profile and I live in Dallas,Tx.

                    Hope this helps and gets you thinking.

                    Later on