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Well done Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

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    Well done Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

    Killers of Hakim Said and others have been arrested. It is a good sign that Prime Minister personally took keen interest in this serious matter and ultimately caught hold of the killers. Irrespective of their political affiliation, the alleged killers after a fair trial, should be hanged publicly.


    Another big joke made by politicians with the Paki people.
    Who knows the facts?
    Are you sure that the persons who are arrested are the real murderers of Hakim Saeed?

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      I do hope that they haven't just grabbed some people off the streets, it wouldn't surprise me if they did.

      Farouq Taj.


        MR. Farid,

        In the captivity of Pakistani Police for few days, even your Prime Minister would gladly accept that He killed Hakim Saeed with his own hands. Wake up, smell the coffee. How can you be so certain without due process of law. How do you know that they didn't find an scapegoat instead of real killers. They are basing their point on a so called statement by a person who died in police custody, why? because of extreme torture. If they think they have the killers, why they couldn't bring the person to court?? & have the statement their in front of the public & court?????


          the primeminister caught a few people who said they didnt kill hakim saeed.. some other jerks did..
          those jerks belong to MQM and mqm are never giving the real people to the primeminister.

          like... down with nawaz sharif!~


            First of all let me clear that my posts are non political and aimed at past, present and future events of the country.

            I always emphasized the betterment and change in the thinking of people so that Pakistan would also have respectable place in the world. I do not know whether my dream would ever come true but I would continue to participate in this forum when ever I feel necessary and exchange my views with the people who agree or do not agree with me.

            I also know that we do not trust each other, because We are brought up in the atmosphere of hatred, racism, prejudism, usurping the rights of fellow citizens etc etc. We are more focused on self interest rather than the interest of whole society or country.

            I have been living in NA since last five years and I have even noticed here the mistrust among Pakistanis. We believe in white man's word as a word of god but we do not trust even our own prime minister. But you are forgetting that it is the first time in the history of the country that the head of state is identifying and confirming the people who involved in such kind of heinous crime in front of the whole world. Why we do not want to believe in him because our affiliation is with a party who is basically a terrorist and its only survival is based on terrorizing the people????

            What advantage would he gain by a false statement. In fact he would lose his strong political support in Karachi. He has to complete this mission otherwise situation would become out of control paving way for another Bangladesh.



              dear farid
              i want to belive you as i usually do .


                Excuse me farid,
                my brother,

                theres no reason to be so angry..

                bhai jaan..

                heres the facts:

                -) primeminister caught some people,
                -) those people were not the killers of hakim saeed
                -) they pointed out the real killers
                -) the real killers belong to MQM
                -) primeminister made a plea to MQM to give himthe real killers
                -) MQM refused
                -) sindh assebly is stopped from working and we experience a "governer-raj"!!!!
                -) MQM replies to it! last night , the city of karachi echoed with the familier sound of firing!

                thats the story!

                i dont know where you got the news that killer of hakim saeed have been caught... because we see NO statment by the primeminister referring to that news from you.

                the city of karachi experiences another war...

                what killers and who hakim saeed?

                last night they killd a little 5 year old "hakim saeed"...

                i'l be going to the press-club this morning, to find out how many "hakim saeeds" get killed tonight!


                  No offense to anyone, but there's a lot of naive talking going on....

                  Unfortunately for the people of Karachi and Hyderabad, they are being used for political purposes. When MQM (as the APMSO) came into prominence, the "Muhajir" community thought that finally they had a voice. But like all good things, the whole movement disentegrated into kidnappings, tortures and murders, mostly over power and money. Our P.M. Mr. Nawaz Shareef is just trying to cash into the messy situation. Wasn't he the same person who several years ago got together with MQM to oust BB ? MQM were still doing the same things at that time. Remember him and Altaf Hussain arms in arms in front of a million people in Karachi??? He's the same Altaf Hussain today, and it is the same MQM.

                  Hakim Saeed was a noble man. I hope his killers rot in hell. To use his death/murder for political purposes is shameful. But thats the way politics goes ...

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                    How can you say that they are the people who killed Hakeem Saeed.
                    And How can Nawaz Sharif go and announce that MQM people murdered Hakeem Saeed. Is our prime minister a judge or a jury or a lawyer or an eye witness haan????
                    And now this operation! all they are going to do is arrest innocent people and torture them as they previosly did in so called 'Karachi clean up" when Nawaz sharif was elected before.
                    I want the same as you Farid for our country, arresting mahajirs (already 200 in just couple of days) is not going to solve anyone's problem.
                    Indeed we are heading for another Bangladesh.


                      Just an Observation

                      Isn't it weird that NAWAZ " Sharif " (That should be a shame for all shrif peopel) made allaince with MQM and ANP to oust Benazir..? At that time both ANP and MQM were patriotic parties. Now that both MQM and ANP got frustrated with loot, lies, and pujabism of Nawaz Sharif, they both once again are traitors and ANTI-PAKISTAN. Hakeem Saeed's muder can be an excuse to hit MQM hard and break the necks of MQM activists.

                      One more thing thats really surprising is the PM is furious at the death of Hakeem Saeed which is understanable, but what about the hundreds of poor poeple who have been killed for last several years in Karachi and elsewhere in Pakistan..? Why does one has to be RICH and influencial in order to recieve justice in Pakistan..?
                      This stupid country should be called " RISHWATISTAN " or " Pissa Poor " its neither pak nor Islamic so it does not deserve the name "Islamic Republic of Pakistan". Whats islamic about it anyway..? Poor people's lives don't count, rich gets justice. what a SHAME, SHAME,SHAME,SHAME

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                        Mr. Farid,

                        Your partriotism is appreciated, but I can't comment on a totally naive statement where you give out a baseless conclusion without any logical/factoral information. I have been in US for past 10 yrs but I am more verse on Pakistan/Karachi politics than an average pakistani living in Pakistan. Your statement is just what you saw/heard on biased media whose job is follow Government which can't be trusted for any info let alone the outcome for the investigation of Hakeem Saeed's murder. Since you don't posses the knowledge to answer what I posted in previous post, I hope that you can be little more considerate before writing and passing on the fabricated stuff to these forums.



                          How can you say that they are the people who killed Hakeem Saeed?

                          we have to take out conclusions from the facts..

                          it could be true.. but it could possibly be false too!

                          MQM has not denied it yet!


                            well done..well your PM has to find killers of about another 40,000 murders, and good luck!


                              Of course they deny it...they can't actually appear on national TV and deny it.....
                              Yeah so is our PM going to do that find the killers of so many inncoent people in Krachi??????