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    Don't know why?

    Salam everyone,

    In my life, everyday i feel like that there are more things to accomplish and there aren't enough hours. I want to simplify my life.
    Any suggestions? I want to party some friends suggested in a previous thread...i want to make it purpose of my life too...But.. How can i just ignore the realities of life and party?



    [This message has been edited by Rubiya Nur (edited March 02, 2000).]


      wait wait wait people let me handle this one...Im the PRO here:

      So, Rizwana, you seem to have a problem huh? You want to party, but have no time? Aaam, excuse me, when did I say that you NEED time to party? aray, party is a full-time job yaar!

      And you said, "I want to party too..." What do you mean that you want to party "TOO?" huh? Youre supposed to party all the time!! not just sometimes!

      and oh yeah: my party 101 class is forming and filling up sure to sign up before you leave...Next Week: The basics of party-lingo!

      until then, party on yaar!



        Hello Frisky,

        See, I knew I can count on you!!! Yaar, party on and always some for me too!!!


          Rubiya and Frisky,
          Salam ,

          Rubiya you are very welcome jee. I always read your postings and enjoy them.
          Sigh...ahhh...of relief. I was nice to know that i am not the only one with that problemo. See again i was late in relpying. I want to spend more time here in gupshop but somehow i cannot.
          Frisky i would certainly like to join your class 101. It better be good
          See you all there



            Well after long pause..I can say it without any doubts. Go to a pind back in pakiland and take up farming. You will love the realities and partying events there.
            I see you emphasise partying, like frisky does often, but partying is not just boozing etc etc, for me its enjoying your surroundings.




              Party is a state of mind. Party in class, part at work and party at home. But, we all need some help to loosen up a little. Some use social lubrcant such as alcohol and some just depend on ther wits but if you are determined to have fun at any cost you can...

              Do what I do and take a step back and think of most things as a game and try to enjoy it.

              Party on...



                somebody raped my daughter,
                my son is doing drugs,
                i am worried where the next meal comes from..

                party what?


                  anti-socrates certainly have some issues there man...

                  But if you look at life that negativley....whats the point in living?

                  I guess I could tell you "have faith" and stuff but i dont believe in that crap!



                    you're one of my favourites in this forum !

                    like.. can u please explain..
                    when i look negatively, i say, somebody raped my daughter..
                    whats the positive side to it?

                    and will a god-fearing man be able to party when his brother died of hunger?

                    i mean its like.. like if we're satisfied with all the stuff.. then like.. we always see the good things and not the bad ones.. then there will be no desire to get better..

                    i'm pretty confused bhai.. help me out of it *smile*

                    like shouldnt we feel for those who cant party?


                      anti-socrates...oooh! I have a fan!!!

                      Well, your name suggests that you are against constructive criticism and argument...but I have not seen anything of that sort...
                      so like, whats up, and like, whats with that huh?

                      anyways...Whats the positive side to being raped? well, first of all, you're assuming that being reped is a bad thing right? well, there IS no positive side to that...its one of the unfortunate things of life and human society...Indeed, its been around ever since man laid his eyes on a woman!

                      Hunger...death...genocide...war...all these pitiful things are man's like, what can say about them? well, like, in a word: nothing! What can I do about them? In a word: like, nothing!!! One man cannot do anything about these things alone...
                      Now I COULD go out and renounce partying and sit at home and meditate and cry about everything thats BAD in this world and forget about my blessings instead of counting them...but Im not goona do that today...dont feel like it...maybe some other time, you and me could sit down, smoke hukkah and drink tea, and disscuss man's misery...

                      but tonight, im partying!!!



                        i'm evem more confused now..

                        like someone is suffering and we're like, forget it, lets party...

                        and like.. a time will come when its WE who are suffering.. and like people will say.. forget it , lets party..


                        and like.... can we do NOTHING about the bad things??

                        like.. i thought we could..

                        like the prophets .. like the god fearing people of god.. like... as for an example .... hakeem saeed...

                        like what were they famous for?



                          You it seems are beyon help!!!
                          Get off the "likes" and really think for a minute: You should live for "now." and if you worry about all the things that COULD go wrong with you WILL go wrong...i mean, birth is the messanger of death, and we're all gonna die one day, so why not enjoy whats in between? As I said before, if we dont, then might as well just kill yourself right now cuz you dont want to go hungry, homeless, and suffer the injustices of this world later....

                          So, like, like, like, like, like got my point NOW?
                          like, anti-socrates...



                            Listen to the cry of a woman in labor at the hour of giving birth- look at the dying man's struggle at his last extremity, and then tell me whether something that begins and ends thus could be intended for enjoyment.


                              Anti... are you trying to say that you can't be happy because everytime you are happy you think of people dying for hunger and all the negative things happening in the world! Don't be such a pessamist. All these bad things will be happening whether you are happy or angry or upset about them. You don't have any control on them... and if you really feel that you can't be happy because of all these things then go out and do something about it.. instead of just thinking about. Like do some social work in Pak, do something for those homeless, rejected people ... just a suggestion. Like people like Edhi (ooppss I got that like like prob), Hakeem Saeed they went out and made a difference, by taking an ACTIVE part not by THINKING about it.

                              I am not implying that turn a blind eye towards all this and party... if you can do something about the hunger in the third world countries....pleaseee do so! but don't make your life miserable just thinking about them ...learn to be happy with yourself!