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Tell a truth, which you never had spoken before!

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    Tell a truth, which you never had spoken before!

    today mabadolat is giving an oppo2nity to all, they can tell here the truth they never told before to anyone, in whole life! whatever be the reason to hide it, but now is the time to write here

    (((I have a big truth which i will tell here , but me will listen your truth first! )))
    now 1.....2......3

    Jasoos keep your silly ideas to yourself.
    Life is only a dream.


      You mean you want us to tell all our confessions here???

      If I was to do that, I'd have to kill you straight after!!!!!!!!

      Well of course I won't tell you my worst confession...but there is one. There is this girl at Uni who is doing Medicine with me. She is really annoying and doesn't shut up! But she's really intelligent and always does better than the rest of us " duncebreeds" <--- that's what she calls us!!!! Can you believe the cheek?!

      Anyway an exam was coming up and the whole class was struggling and knew that they would fail! But "that girl" had awesome notes and "we" got hold of them...ok ok we stole them for a while BUT did replace them then. All her notes were photocopied and soon the whole class got hold of them

      There were 47 of us who took the exam three weeks later. Results day came...and you get told a simply PASS or FAIL.

      We all passed and she was the only one who failed!!!!!! No joke...she really did! Looks like we understood her notes better than her!

      But I feel really bad for her, even though she annoys me so much. We had another exam...and it's like she just gave up and sat thru it. Anyway...

      There you are...I feel much better now! Glad I got that out of me!

      Please don't anyone have a go at me...I really do feel bad and very guilty! (Well...not that much!)
      :hula: :hula: :hula: and more :hula:


        Truth? What r u talkin' 'bout?


          asma you feel guilty ???
          yeh rite!!!!

          Sitting up in G02 passing around assignments and stuff it happens all the time man!!!

          We at uni once copied this girl and one of us got busted it was soooooooooooooo funny looking at the bicharas face in front of the whole lecture!!!!!!


            deepest truth i never told anyone ?/ hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. well IF its not told to anyone EVER.. then why would i tell now ?

            btw, good idea JASOOS hi theray na jigar aap

            Never frown, even when your are sad,because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.
            Ba'Qalam-e-khud, deewaan'e-gs say baraah'e-raast, Jang Bahaadur Nawaab'e-Lucknow Shaan'e-Brampton Miyaan Shamsheer-ul-Faizy(H.R.H.H.Mister confused)


              naah jasoos bhai I have nothing to tell u

              **Of all the things I've lost^^^I miss my MIND the most!**
              ** Of all the things I've lost ~~ I miss my mind the most **


                hmmmmm... errrrrrr..... oki.. i got one Deep Dark Secret ... .. but if i tell u .. it won't b a Deep Dark Secret n e more.... rite ?? .. n that'll b so UnKool !!

                ~* I am always in trouble, but it's so much fun. *~
                Looking for fishes....<}}}><


                  well i am an ashik by birth

                  beyond the horizont°°°my heart is gone


                    chalo jiii
                    aiwain hee secrets batta dain?!!
                    maamay kai putter ho???

                    fly like a bee,, sting a like a butterfly.


                      so many negative responses...

                      okay but me gonna tell that
                      "Yes Mabadolat is brother of Jasoos Bhai"

                      kioun bhaiyaa!!!

                      ~^*Doo§ra Ja§oo§*^~


                        kia guarante hai kaih yeh sub jo bhi kahein ge woh SACH hi ho ga...sach sach mein bhi joot bol jatay hein bohat saray!...

                        Alf Allah Chunmbay Di Booti
                        Mere Maan Vich Murshad Lai Huu..
                        Naffi Asbaat Da Paani Mallaya
                        Har Raggay HarJai Huu
                        [Sultan Bahuu]
                        **The Day She Left...**