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    Why have all the decent, serious, mature poeople left this dicussion Board..? and all the wana be kidos are left..? Read back the msgs and serious discussion on the BB in the firtst days of this forum and look at it now ..Its all bull now ...All the ankee pankee poeple are left here to post msgs..except me ..but than I don't post msgs here I am posting this just to show you people the mirror.

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    Dear Cool Dude. . .

    Thank you for your message. It should knock some sense into our members that have gotton caught up in a debate that shall lead to nowhere and will cause only hurt feelings and uncontrolled tempers.

    This is not the first time that Gup Shup is being forced to deal with this type of behaviour and I'm sure that it will not be the last either.

    Whatever the case, we're here for the long run. . .and we will do whatever it takes to bring our sincere and serious members back to the lime-light. . .

    Thank you again and just hang on. . .


      cool dude...I feel for you and f ghost..there are lots of chumcha geers on this forum who wonder ropeless..I am all for change on this forum.


        Muzna Ji

        I think you have a lot of patience and Passion to baby sit all the kidos here . To be honest if I were you and it was real life, I would be spanking each and every one of them (with a few exception) every hour and some time I would spanke them just for the heck of it

        Honestly go back and read the posts from like 4-6 months old and you see all the serious discussion with civilized humor. You used to get to read conflicting but interesting point of views from diff memebers who knew how to express themselves and rebute in a civilized way. And look at it now . You feel like you are in a sever with a bunch of mental patients who proudly take a dip in the sever and push others as well.

        Doesn't it strike you that some of your very active memebers like J.M.Khan, Resistance, Farouq_Taj, Mohsan, Mohammad Ali, and some others either abandoned this forum totaly or they zipped their mouth like the great DessyBehna who only posts once in while because they don't want to be draged into the sever. God help the kidos here and God bless you for puting up with them. Bye wasalam

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          cool dude.. really why dont you jump in?


          maybe you start a serious discussion and cool people come back!

          i liked,

          resistance, quark, and farid.

          from the ones who are currently posting,

          frisky is my fav!


            muzna .. like....

            i have a point!

            like... nothing aganist you..
            but like..

            please think with a kool mind...


            "debate that shall lead to nowhere and will cause only hurt feelings and uncontrolled tempers."

            has been started just because of YOUR OWN MODERATORS!

            1) the fussy kid shiraarty.. who couldve made his point in a real calm and peaceful way..
            2) tarik khan, who ignored all the stuff which which later led me to point fingers at you . (the crap i copied and pasted in the other thread)

            i am really sorry about posting this thing here.. once the admins have said this thing is CLOSED! then its closed! but like...

            i just felt like saying it..