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Lets finish this matter now!!!

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    Lets finish this matter now!!!

    Admins / Moderators :

    For the past 2 - 3 months there was a discussion going on between Ahmedis and Muslims. In which, lots of proofs were given to Ahmedis. Now that was done by some of the nice people like Mudassar, TS, Mohammed Ali who really cared for Ahmedis and more for their own people so that they might not think that Ahmediat is right. Other wise there is no need to go in discussions over Ahmediat as Muslim Scholars have already given their fatwah on this.

    I am challenging all Muslim Admins / Moderators to proove if even a word said by me for Mirza Ghulam Ahmed is wrong i will apologize to the whole Gupshup and will leave this place.

    I am amazed at the knowledge level of some of the admins, at times we see Muzna coming to religous affairs and guiding us what to do (having no knowledge of the matter what so ever. and saying Thanks to Anti socrates (PRALAY) to point out the situation. or Admin saying i should not interpret for them (clearly showing that he is against me).

    Admins got to have a clear frame of mind and should tell us their thoughts so that we should know whether we are on the right place or are just wasting our time.

    As far as identifying Anti Socrates / Shiraarty / Someone else / Zalim / Pralay, u will have to read all the posts in the Religious Affairs Section. Since i was involved in it completely i know who he is.

    I am just so much surprized, where u admins stand, aap logon ki asliat kia hay, MUSALMAN HO ??? u can tolerate someone insulting u 'r Creator or his messanger pbuh, aur puray gupshup main dandanata phiray. Well i cannot stand that.

    FOR ALL THOSE MUSLIMS who are thinking i have done wrong by calling Mirza just read some of his preachings, he has insulted Hazrat Eisa, his family, insulted Sahaba, insulted Mohammed pbuh, insulted Allah SWT.

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    If you can't tolerate differences of opinion then perhaps you ought to avoid discussion forums ?

    Farouq Taj.


      Assalamualaikum Friendly Ghost,

      If I'm one of the people who you are referring to who said that saying that Mirza was a Dajjal was wrong, then I'll explain.
      When I said that it might be wrong to call him Dajjal, it was because I was referring to the anti-Christ, Dajjal, who will be present during the time of Mahdi (A.S.), and will be killed by Isa (A.S.).
      So if I disagreed with you for calling him a Dajjal, it was due to my own ignorance. Otherwise, I agree with everything you said. You also helped prove that Mirza couldn't be who he claimed in my thread in the religious section entitled "Signs of Qiyamat."



        Friendly ghost,

        Bilkul sahee farmaaya!!

        main abhee abhee yehee baat kernay waala thaaa,

        wallah aap nay to moo kee baat cheen lee!

        main aap kee baat say poori tarah muttafik hoon!!

        farook taaj kay bachay! too chup ker!

        warna equation aisay ho jaye gee:

        farook taj= anti socrates= shiraarty= someone else=paralay = zalim

        samajh ayee?


          Friendly_Ghost posted 10-14-98 11:07 PM CT (US)

          Now u can't run n e where, u have to accept that u'r sick mentally retarded community is based on the sick believes of a sick man i.e. mirza ghulam ahmed.

          someone else posted 10-14-98 12:45 PM CT (US)

          surah al-nisa verse 149:
          allah taala yeh pasand nahee kertaa kay khulam khulaa sakht kalaami kee jaye

          surah al-inaam, verse 109:
          aur un kay maboodaan-e-baatila ko bhee gaali mut do


            Matter is finished.