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Gup shup, only for muslims?

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    Gup shup, only for muslims?

    what is my place in Gup shup if i do not associate myself to the religion of islam?

    will my posts be ignored?

    will my posts be interfered by the admins and moderators, to bring them in accordance with islam?

    what if i say sumthing insulting about islam?
    will i be edited off??

    he answer to the above question being yes,
    what if someone says sumthing insulting about MY RELIGION?

    will he be edited off too??

    the answer to the above question has been NO, as seen in this forum called gup shup!

    a non muslim or whateva said some extremely insulting stuff about islam, and got editted off..
    we have seen some people insulting even shias, and qadianis, calling them names, and saying disrespectful things about them... no body editted them off...

    this leads me to conclude that "gup shup" is a religiously biased forum, and is only for people belonging to certain sects of a certain religion.

    i hope my conclusion is wrong!

    What do you expect?this is Pak.Org not a

    Samaj main aia.


      muslims in general suck at being tolerant towards other faiths....



        #4 r abs wrong, being not a muslim yourself!, I studied Islamic Ideology at college level and we mostly learnt about other religions.
        Please do not mix Islam with the present day politics, as most of the backward muslim countries which are governed on the name of Islam are infact ruled by the most corrupt leaders who do not want to tolerate the real Isalm in the practical way and hence are not tolerant, as it may cost them their thrown.

        Islam is and muslims are the most tolerant.

        But as you know one has to be decent when arguing about relegion, whether its Islam, Chritianity, hindus et.


          somebody please reply to my questions..

          i have to base a very important decision on the answer to these questions..

          i am not asking whether islam is tolerant or intolerant..

          my question is,


          My baji, Muzna,
          i publically ask this qestion from you, is "guest" right?

          if yes, then am i right in my decision too?

          if no, then why?

          please reply


            shiraarty ji,

            What are you trying to figure out? I think you are smart enough to know that you are flowing against the river tide.. but leave this aside, I wanna find out what do you want moderator to do? Do you want them to edit any opinions people express?? If you are asking people not to have a judgement/opinion of Mr. Qadyani, Good Luck. For that, I don't think anyone can help you..


              dearest imranz,

              thanx for trying to understand me, atleast theres someone..

              well, dearest brother, what i want from the moderator is, to stop having double standards!

              listen, if i was angry at people dissing mr,qadeyani, then i wouldve started this argument looong ago!!


              2) -my point is, why is it that muslims can swear at others religious figures, but they dont allow others to do the same??

              3) -my point is , why arent there same rules for muslims as well as non muslims?

              4) -is it some kind of a policy of the forum? (thats what has been indicated by some messages og tarik khan, and a single message by muzna)

              as for your question, "what am i trying to figure out" .. well i'll go on and tell what i'm trying to figure out, only if some of the admins or muzna reply to my questions.

              it is the third day and i havent recieved an answer.. all i got was people like "guest" and "friendly ghost" giving me "compliments" like "laanat ho tumharee zindagi per"!!!!

              will the admins or muzna PLEEZ bother to answer the four questions i asked above?


                Firstly, lemme say that my response to this thread is only based upon what I have been doing as a Moderator in my forum.

                I shall begin by quoting the following from the Gupp Shupp Rules and Regulations :
                " you will not use this GUPSHUP Forum to
                post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar,hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. "

                Now the above implies that no member of the forum can in any way target anopther person, be it a member or be it a religious figure in a hateful, defamatory or abusive way. I have tried my best to do that in the forum that I manage.
                There have been at least four instances where I have personally edited posts which were targetted at a particular religious sect in an abusive manner. Recalling one was in "an open challenge to ts...". Others, I can also pinpoint if need be (I'll just have to scan through a whole bunch of'em).

                Pardon my limited knowledge about the various religious sects, but I have been trying to treat all these matters in light of the rule mentioned above. If you say something bad about whichever religion or an associated figure, its gone!

                I am sure that other Moderators do it the same way. If however there is a problem, we do always encourage members to communicate via email. It is pretty much possible for things to slip through when you have to go through 400 posts a week. If anyone has found a problem or suspected a biased preference related to my forum, you should point it out, I say.

                This forum is a communication basis for all religions, PERIOD!

                For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


                  It's okay shiraarty. Thanks for standing up for me. We need more people like you in Pakistan. Allah bless you. I might convert to Islam in a few years anyway cos more than half of my family's Muslim. One question:
                  What does Subhan Allah mean?



                    Your profile says one of your interests is "...grinning at people for no reason whatsoever!"

                    BTW, your unheard cries for admin attention is gonna affect your health only. Admins are doing Sarkari Nokri, so leave 'em alone before they go postal.

                    so long...


                      To Umer: what you are saying that whoever edited the pralay joke did the right thing,because that was against forum's policies...right....


                        Things to be noted from Shiraarty's post:

                        1) -my point is, WHY WAS PRALAYS MESSAGE REMOVED FROM THE RELIGIOUS FORUM?

                        Here he is complaining about why Pralay's statement was removed. PRALAYS STATEMENT was disrespective for Allah SWT and Mohammed pbuh. Do n e 1 disagree with that??????

                        2) Shiraarty says : "friendly ghost" giving me "compliments" like "laanat ho tumharee zindagi per"!!!!
                        POINT TO BE NOTED, i gave this statement for PRALAY in his disrespective statement for Hazrat Mohammed pbuh. Any1 can go to REligious Affairs Section and select the topic Think. U will understand.


                        Shiraarty, log to paoon per kulhari martay hain lakin tumney kulhari per paoon mara hay. Allah SWT aur Mohammed pbuh ki shan main gustakhi kernay walay na duniya ka rehta hay na jahan ka.

                        Guest has asked a very good question to Umer. So was it not in the policy of Gupshup, it would have been left there???


                          Dearest brother umar talib,

                          the paragraf that you quoted, its weird but i was just about to quote the paragraf too.. until i read yer post.

                          well umer bhai, i DID complain via email.. 3 emails, not one.. and i got reply to only one of'em saying.. hey whats the matter!

                          i think it is extreemly rude to challenge the authorities of admins muzna and moderators, or accusing them of double standards.. i know it is rude, but that was the only way left..


                          hey coolio,

                          converting to islam is your own decision.. mine is to get away from it.. i dont believe in a religion which calls itself the religion of piece, but teaches its followers to swear!

                          friendly ghost/ guest,( the singlr person behind them)

                          i am not in a mood of discussion with a maulvi like you.. but mind you... "laanat ho tumharee zindagi per" was not just hurled at pralay, but also at ME, in anuther topic!

                          keep an account of all the badwords you say!

                          anyways.. now go on , and also say that i am umer talib, coolio, anjaani.. and whatevea

                          anyways.. by now i have decided that the admins dont have any answer to my questions..

                          tonight i'll write a formal bye bye note right here in this topic,
                          and leave as a member and a moderator.

                          i dont belong here!


                            Dear Guest & Friendly Ghost,

                            Yes, the post by Pralay (!!! had been edited correctly by the moderator of that forum. It and the person who posted it deserved more but that's the least which could've been done.

                            For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


                              Okay lemme get this straight.... shiraarty is mad 'cause his 3 e-mails have been ignored? or none of the moderators have replied to this post? or that he just doesn't like Islam and wants to get a public opinion. If the moderators thought that it was necessary to edit pralay's posting then there must have been somthing wrong with it. As for Islam being not very tolerant towards other faiths thats totally wrong! There is not a religion in this world that is more courteous to others beliefs at least in opinion and if you want to get away from it thats your loss. Thats all I have to say. Ciao.