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Purpose of Life

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    Purpose of Life

    Purpose of life ... What is your answer?

    HAVE some FffffffffUuuuuuuuuuuNnnnnnnnnn
    On a serious note,
    Get a visa for Heaven


      Assalamu alaikum!
      A very good question! Ufff, i've worn my brains out trying to answer this question for so long now, but i can't find the answer! Hmmm, but i ain't giving up...

      Khuda hafiz


        If only i knew .........


          to party?




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              Rubiya...Im happy to hear that you agree with me...and thats basically my approach to life...I try not to let anything bother me..and I try to get along with everyone and basically just have a good time here on earth, cuz face it: life IS short, and we DO only live once!!

              as for the qualifications/intention/motivation etc... to party? well, basically you gotta have a laid back approach to life (within reason, of course!) and try not to let anything bother you too much...
              and yeah, to a PROFESSIONAL party-er like me? well, theres a four year program for IS a pretty scientific process you know!!!

              party on!



                Hello again frisky,

                Arey, I loved your response on one of the topics where you mention that there is a
                6 units of partying requirement in order to Graduate!!!! and it was funnier because I think the response was going towards a conservative!!!! Party on......for yourself and some for me!!!


                  At least the purpose of life is definately not the way we spend or spending the life, rahter at this stage of life if I tell you what is the purpose of life, u will think I am stupid or crazy and I should be in the mental hospital. So be happy enjoy your life, do whatever you want and travel towards the end of your life. But you will understand what i am saying by the end of your life, yaa phir aalamay barzakh main zindagee ka maqsad samajh main aa-ay ga. The only problem with us is there is no one to tell us what is the purpose of life but I would only finish with,

                  Darday dil kay wastay paida kia insaan ko
                  warna ta-at kay liyay kuch kam naa thay kardo-biaan.

                  But purpose of life is "Ta-at". Dont ask me to explain ta-at, it is very deep term, drown in it if you can and you will find the purpose.


                    The purpose of Human life as stated in the Quran, is the Worship of Allah.


                      One thing baffles me . . .
                      Why do people insist that life is too short. .

                      Too short compared to what? Who has anything to compare it to?


                        If we are here to party,

                        what is the purpose of life for those who are starving, those who have no money, those who are handicapped, those who are retarded, those who are slaves, those who have diseases, but dont have enuff money to get medication, those who dont have any food at home, and have to go beg for money on the roads...

                        what is there purpose of life?

                        to party?

                        what for?


                          Salaamz to Everyone!

                          'We did not create Humans and Jinns except to worship.' (Qur'an)

                          aur I'll ad,

                          'Jeeyo aur Jeene Do,'


                            So far we have one word interpretation of the purpose of life from the participants, i.e. fun, party, ta-at, and worship.

                            All of the above are self explainatory except Ta-at. Najim looks very impressed by the greatest poet of our times, Allama Iqbal. Najim's post is very interesting and it looks like that he has, atleast, tried to find out the meaning of life. Tell me about it?

                            Mr. Shiraarty has raised good counter arguements. Has anybody thought about it? Majority of the people in this world are suffering and very few people have the luxury to enjoy their life..Party for what? Food for thought...

                            To pursue this discussion further, here is something to think...

                            For millions of people of this decade, life has no meaning or purpose. They cannot tell a reason for living.

                            The Swiss psychiatrist,Carl Jung, concluded that "The central neurosis of our times is emptiness."

                            Rollo May, a NY psychologist, writes that "On the basis of my practise, the chief problem of the people of the 20th century is emptiness."

                            John D. Jess has in his book, Escape from Emptiness, writes:
                            "Why so many people flundering? Why so many aimless drifters and frustrated searchers? Why so much emptiness? The answer? A spiritual vacuum. Put a man in mid-ocean without any means of staying afloat and he will drown. Rob a whole generation of its belief in God, or at least God's purpose for man, and you leave it suspended in mid-air, unsupported, unattached, directionless."

                            An elementary law of physics states that when a vacuum exists, something will rush in to fill the space. In early ages, that vacuum was filled by golden calf, scriptures, and other forms of direct idol-worship.

                            Today, for many people, God do not mean much. For such people, God has been replace with an emptiness which is called "A vacuum of unbelief".

                            Today, we are not so primitive, and we are often more subtle than direct but we will fill the vacuum of unbelief. We may fill it with materialism, or push to success, or with a warped and unhealthy self-centeredness. Some, especially the young, attempt to fill it with experience. Experiencing drugs, immortality, hard rock music, or with others of the many things available in society today. Some bury themselves in their job or in their children. Then there are others who simply go from day to day, from activity to activity in numb feeling of senselessness and meaningless, bored by whatever they turn to in life. Any of all of these things are the golden calves of our lifes.

                            If I look back, I'm no different. Everything that I've done so far, fun, job, money, family, relationships etc. are just the desperate attempts to fill up that vacuum of unbelief.

                            I guess I'm one of those millions!!

                            so long...


                              what about having benefit parties and concerts to raise money to feed the starving people...that way, our dear friend shiraarty is happy...the people are certainly happy...and Im happy too!


                              but seriously, if you look at everything that wrong and bad with this world, we miss out on an awfull lot of things that are beautiful and what make living so wonderful!