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    I have a friend who stutters a lot. Can someone help me out by showing some techniques?


    Get him to see some doctor or something.

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      I know someone that used to stutter quite a bit. It was chalked up to low self esteem. I don't know how accurate that diagnosis was.

      The curious thing about this guy was that when he would sing.....and he has a wonderful voice.....the stuttering would disappear.

      Perhaps someone with proper knowledge on the subject will be able to shed some light on the matter.


        same thing as watcher take her/him to a doc
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          Originally posted by Muzna:
          Perhaps someone with proper knowledge on the subject will be able to shed some light on the matter.
          nahin yar muzna baji .. its better if a doc analyzes it ..

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            i have a friend who stutters when he's nervous...n that's all there is to it...

            the way he gets around it, is by thinkin of somethin else...somethin that DOESN't make him nervous, and then he just speaks problems...

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              Salaams guys,

              Personally I think stuttering is more Phsychological rather than physical, (therefore a doctor or medicine won't really be able to help).

              When I was at school, I knew this guy who had a very bad stutter, basically he use to stutter on every single word and always had difficulty in expressing his views or opinions. Many years after school I met up with him again. By then he was working in a reasonably paid job, had a very expensive sports car and when I talked to him noticed that his stutter had been cured !. So I think (in this situation atleast) his stutter was probably tied in with self-esteem and self-confidence.

              Deevar, tell your friend to slow down when he speaks and not be in a rush to 'get the words out'... hope that helps..

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                  One of my closest friends also had a stutter, from early childhood, but I think the fact that she was shy and not very confident, made her stutter more.
                  She went to see a faith healer/hypnotist. Now this man would hypnotise her for 5 minutes and tell her she wouldnt stutter..and you know she really has improved alot, she hardly stutters at all now, and has become more confident also.

                  It is a psychological thing.

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                    I'm sure that the doctor would simply refer him to a speech therapist. They are known to work wonders.


                      It can't be just down to confidence. I know somebody who stutters and he's definitley not shy.


                        It can either be a confidence problem, or an actual speech impediment.
                        Sometimes kids are born with a speech impediment, and it is ignored as a normal stuttering problem. It might very well be because of some defect on the toungue or in the vocal chords, which the person learns to live with, and hence does not regard as abnormal. So its important that a doctor be consulted to make sure its not a physical defect.


                          I had a friend....and she stuttered a fair bit......

                          But it would disappear when she was blurting out expletives in english