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    Muniya - you're reply!

    Mem, you know I think you are the coolest but I am so dissapointed to hear this from you.
    Being married doesnt mean you have to be on a ball n chain sweety. Aaj kaal we are all educated and our hubby's support out extra activites.
    I am married, work and go to school (full time) and havea very productive life... and yes I am a gup shup addict as well.
    You being a woman should applaud us modern self reliant women not mock us. Afsoos howa jaan!
    Think about it after you get married would you let Gizzy bhai put your smarts to waste?

    ~~~~~~~~~~~ My reply to you ~~~~~

    Muniya Begum!

    Oh thank you so much for thinking moi is cool – tres chic’

    And Oh so sincerely sorry for disappointing you – oh dear god my life will never be the same again

    And as for Housewives’ LIB – I totally agree!!!

    Good on ya – you can cook – clean – Feed the hubbies and sort the kids out and have time to come on gupshup – amazingggggggg!!

    Acha you’re all educated housewives then just go back and read your post ( which has mysteriously dissappeard?? ) – read how nasty you are being to Sheraz – is this how educated mature women behave?? Is this what you will teach your children?

    When you’re married – you don’t have to be on a ball n chain ( and I’m not your sweety!) but it does mean putting time and effort into your house, your relationship with your husband and kids?

    Me being a woman – should applaud you????????????
    Yeah right? Applaud you for what ???????/ Being gupshup addicts…. Being *****y… being obnoxious???? No thanks!!

    And watch what you call me??? I’m not your jaan – My name is Mem Sahib – so call me that – OK?

    And as for Gizzy wasting away my smarts?
    What smarts do you have and if they reflect on what you wrote above – then it’s not really smarts – it’s *****iness... and lets face it - sum married women are the best at that arent they!!! !!!!!!!

    Mem Sahib

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    did you really need a whole new thread for this one ???


      Choro yaar, daffa karo, mitti pao..

      Most of us will never do great things,but we can do small things in a great way.


        Amigo - yes I did - coz that one dissappeared and Munya pm'd me requesting a reply

        and Clementine - sirf javaab diya - ab dafa kiya!


 good one mem saahib it was a pleasure reading such a cool reply ..iss tarah k logo ko aisa hi jawab dena chahiye..warna chikni chupri baatain ker k sarr per beth jaati hain.. good one



            Mem youre so right yaar.. some people can be so *****y that it just gives a reflection on their character in reality.
            I mean, i would never go to such heights that shaadi shudda hoke apni ummar ke chote logon se larraiyaan keroon internet pe.. poor hubbys and kids

            and u know what.. i think whenever SherazCt says anything here.. or u or i.. or some of those people who hate A$$lickers.. so
            ye do teen log hamare peet peeche beth ker
            iss tarah gossips kerte hain >>like this>>>> hahah.. becharo ke paas koi aaur kaam nahin hai

            "sheract said this, sheract said that"

            dil kerta hai in sab ko aisi aisi doon !!! >>>> !!!! lol.. u know what i mean?


              Mem, good job you went to the Gym, gets out all that pent up anger.

              Ab kaisi ho?


                a mature person would not have answered to begin with.
                baray aa jatay hain aik doosray ko maturity sikhanay. hmpf!

                upar say yeh faaltoo batain karnay wali cuteykurri jiss kee zuban say zehr kay ilawa kuch nikalta hi nahin. zamanay kay naujawanon ka naam kharab karti phirti hai. for shame!

                pata nahin aaj kal nazar-andaaz karna kyun bhool ga'ay hain sab log.


                  aur tumhari zubaan se kya nikalta hai? haha.. maybe zubaan hai hi nahi and ur just one of the sissys who just listen and listen.Mem Sahib did a good job and im proud of her, and its alright if you think that meri zubaan theek nahi hai kyonke truth is i hate people like...
                  so hey! im not one of you ok billi ki bachi aap bekar mein pangay na karren mere se ok darling.. i have a whole team to for backup on gupshup


                    Originally posted by Mem Sahib(quoting Muniya's words):
                    Aaj kaal we are all educated and our hubby's support out extra activites.
                    I am married(edited January 31, 2001).]

                    Aj kal? What would those "EXTRA activities" be?

                    *V~V~V*He came, He saw, He conquered*V~V~V*
                    -_-_-_-High Priest_-OF-_Painful Truth-_-_-_-
                    And say: "Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished:for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish."
                    (Quran, Al-Isra, 17:81)


                      haha. watcher bhai!!i wonder too.. :haha:
                      other activities like? ??? or something similar to this activity >
                      .... sssssshhhhh . ok


                        sorry but I cant make everyone like me.
                        As for apologies NONE HERE!
                        As for being nasty ... well if you can be nasty to me then you can have some back.

                        As for being *****y... takes one to know one...

                        kurrie: stop sucking up to him.. your not getting any!

                        bye all

                        sorry to hear how low people can be ! !

                        Note from Admin: Mind your language Muniya. You should know better than to resort to such behaviour.

                        The GuPPeR ForMallY KnowN as MadaM MariA

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                        I have OCD: Obsessive Cullens Disorder
                        Bite Me! -- Please
                        I like running with scissors...makes me feel dangerous


                          chee MuNiYA ur highly disgusting u know that?
                          i call him bhai. tum kya apne bhai ki... do u suck him?

                          just piss off from here. sharam kero
                          ke sab tumhari baaten kerrahe hain
                          this just indicates of what a low life girl u r urself !


                            All members in this thread:

                            Grow Up. Learn to respect people's right to believe what they want to believe.


                            That's it. Now you've crossed the line. There are ways to disagree with someone, when you learn them, we'll welcome you back.

                            [This message has been edited by Admin (edited January 31, 2001).]