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Why Vote For Jinnah ?

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    Why Vote For Jinnah ?

    The partition of India resulted in the death of aproximately two million people. The war resulting from partition in Kashmir was no less bloody. The Afghans looted and raped the people of Kashmir. The Pakistan army supported the venture. Jinnah declared Urdu, as the national language in East Pakistan. Once again sowing the seeds of discontent. Three million died in 71.
    The muslims now divided in three geographical regions are in a worse position than ever in the history of the subcontinent. I would'nt vote for Mr Jinnah.


    The massacres that accompanied partition can be interpreted in two ways. For those opposed to partition in the first place they were a direct result of partition. For those who supported partition they confirmed the need for partition.

    What followed after Jinnahs demise is not Jinnahs fault. He cannot be blamed for the failings of subsequent Pakistani leaders.

    Farouq taj.



      Yep vote for tot batot then

      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        It seems to me that the tragic division of India, a potentially large and very powerful country, had more to do with the strategic plan of the British than the workings of Mr. Jinnah. Mr. Jinnah was nothing more than a pawn and an opportunist politician who like any other politician was driven by blind ambition and hence the desire to be the father of a new country.


          Clearly history has shown the failiure of Pakistan. No one has suffered more from partition than the muslims of the subcontinent.
          India due to the sheer presence of size may occasionaly show some independance to western powers. Pakistan however is too small to overcome foreign influence. Hence we are in a way still colonised by the dictation of the West.
          A sad result of partition.



            Interesting to note how Pakistanis always find a conspiracy theory to avoid personal responsibility. If it's not the British it's either the CIA or Mossad lurking under the table.

            Pakistan had the potential to become an economic giant. It was merely a matter of determination and the willingness to change and adapt in order to prosper.

            There are examples all around us. Japan devasted by two nuclear bombs and restricted by the conditions imposed on surrender have survived. Germany having lost two world wars and a crippled economy and infrastructure has also survived. Look at Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong to name a few countries.

            Pakistan could have chosen to stand alongside the above mentioned nations but instead is now in the same league as Cambodia, Nigeria, Chile and others.

            Farouq Taj.


              Dear Farouq_Taj,

              A number of people think like you what you have said. But the tragedy is that Pakistan right from beginning has been ruled by corrupt power base in one form or another. Its main aim was not to make Pakistan like Japan or South Korea, but to obey the Master (Western World) at the cost of its interests. In such situation, average Pakistani has become more like a slave rather than a human being with full rights in a decent society

              According to Moulana Abul-Kalam Azad, which he has narrated the true story of separation in "India Wins Freedom" that Pakistan is not division between Muslims and Hindus but division between Muslims and Muslims. Had the Muslims (Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India) remained in one India, they would have been a deciding factor in the formation of government of India.

              But the point here is that it is now a irreversible process. Some one has to take a role of leadership in a very honest manner and it should be soon other wise the country is heading towards its logical end (further disintegration) i.e. further margenalization of Muslims, which no one can stop.




                I think i am in total consent with Farouq sahab here.

                by the way Farid,abul kalam just dint left the congress cuz he was craving for the leadership of congress which he eventually got.

                had he joined league he dint stand a minute chance against Jinnah...thus his comments about separation as being among muslims themselves

                on the contrary,if muslims had not struggled and allowed a un- partitoned india
                muslims would by now have been snubbed to virtual slavery under a complete monopoly of hindus.


                  The contradictions of Partition gave evidence of failiure.
                  To the rational mind the creation of Pakistan is an absurd idea.
                  The muslim league claimed to protect muslim minorities in India. How was that acheived? It was'nt. By declaring the muslim majority areas as Pakistan, the already safe muslims were empowered. But what about those areas where muslims were in a minority? That was to remain India according to our Mr Jinnah! Hence the result : The muslims living in Hindu majority areas are suddenly seen as dividers of the land. They are persecuted and slaughtered. They are forced to migrate.
                  The division caused more pain to those who were already suffering.
                  The nightmare does'nt end here. I see no imediate solutions caused by an act of impuslive nationalism.




                    Perhaps you have not read the book of Moulana consequently resulted in your comments which were based on emotions rather than a reality.

                    Moulana Abul Kalam Azad was a decent and honest person. He never asked for leadership of League. Any one with even an average brain (but unbiased) think that League was created by colonial rulers to divide the power of Muslims not creating a haven for Muslims and continuation of their colonial rule through local leadership who were/are more loyal to them than to Allah.

                    Maulana Azad deeply regretted for giving away the leadership of Congress to Nehru who was also instrumental of the Division. The present condition of Pakistan is what Moulana thought Sixty years ago. It is unfortunate that not a single person either born or migrated to Pakistan who had a vision and integrity like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.


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                      Mr. Taj, you are right about us Pakistanis always jumping to conspiracy theories. However, the strategy of the British of dividing countries into smaller nations before granting them independence is well documented and has been discssed for many years. They most certainly used religion to encourage the division of India. I can further support my argument at another occasion if you like.

                      I also agree that then was then and now is now. At best, it is a slow process to reunite the country after fifty years of separation and several wars. Toleration of each other and opening of borders and trade will be my choices to start with.

                      Much more importantly, we have to find ways to end the messages being spread and the wrong education being taught by the Pakistani mullahs. I submit to you that this is more important than the corruption issue raised by Farid or any other single factor that limits us from being a Singapore or Japan. Simply put, as long as we keep trying to mix religion and the state and keep trying to impose medieval and obsolete religious rules on the entire populous, we are doomed to be not much better than Afghanistan. I believe that corruption, and many other ills of our society are because of our reliance on the religious mullahs to provide moral, civic and social education. The idea of a perfect religion based society has failed even though all followers will argue that the religion has never been correctly and fully implemented in Pakistan or any other country. No matter how perfectly you implement these rules on the society, these ideas will not work as a framework for a modern country! Separation of mosque and the state institutions is fundamental. This is the forbidden truth that many educated Pakistanis have thought but hardly ever expressed. Don't you think there is a reason why countries like Uzbekistan, Turkey and Malaysia have adopted this ideology?

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                        Any one who is not in favor of jinnah is a "GHADDAR" love Pakistan or go to your India, and i will see what kind of respect you get from HINDUS. Don't come running to Pakistan when your mother is raped by a 16 year old hindu?? .... Just picture it


                          Mr Melli*k,

                          keeping in mind the view arsing from yo*r perspe*tive I m*st admit we are traitors. By oposing the two nation theory and the division of India we have betrayed the *a*se of hatred. We have t*rned o*r ba*ks on *heap nationalism and embra*ed h*manity regardless of relegion.
                          O*r loyalties are flexible, they move with *ompassion, and follow logi*.
                          Yo* mentioned the rape of women with the advise to pi*t*re it. Imagination was not req*ired to witness the rape of women in East Pakistan by o*r m*slim army.



                            Mr. Syed,

                            First of all I agree with you 100% and we think a like but in different format. I have pin pointed the route cause of all this illness. Mullahism is a minor but important part of the game. Let me again clear that, I did not point out corruption the factor, if you read my postings I have again and again said CORRUPT POWER BASE, sometimes singing song of Socialism and Sometimes singing song of Islamism and Mullahism is a part of both isms. Please let me know if you need further clarification.




                              I got it!