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We Need Open Society !!!!

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    We Need Open Society !!!!

    PS: No Religious Crap is Required in This Thread.

    Its about time that the wall between the two sexes, men and women, in our society be fall.

    Men & Women are meant for each other. Its perfectly all right it they interact with one another at every level. Co-education, bi-lateral interests, and the choice to live ones own life are todays' demand.

    Look at our society, like I said before, the world is about to enter a new millinium and we're still struggling to understand each other.

    We have to have a society where men & women are no stranger to each other. The center of attention has to be moved from lust or discovery of sex to other areas which requires more attention and efforts to benefit our society, country, and the nation.

    so long...

    Dear TS,
    This is an interesting thread and I hope there will be many contributors.
    I too feel that men and women are essential to a balanced society. Though both are equally important they are not identical.
    While steroetypes will not help us to understand each other we should keep in mind that there is a tendency to have different approaches and view things different ways. Some of these things pass the culture barrier and some don't. Do we want to discuss these things on the basis of a desi society or an American one? What other pre-conditions would you like to specify? Any limits? Please let us know before we proceed.


      ts , how come you have such a dual personality?

      i mean, its YOU who usually starts the religious crap.

      in the religion section, you went into that thread and was talking like an alim..telling which sect is kaafir and which muslim.

      in a thread in this section some time ago, it was you who said that we should eliminate jews becoz it is our religious duty!

      and now u come up with this post, saying .. no religious crap??


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        Lets see what you have to say:

        *** "i mean, its YOU who usually starts the religious crap."

        Maybe in my early days here but no for quite sometime. It will be helpful if you can identify any non-religious section where I started the debate lately.

        *** "in the religion section, you went into that thread and was talking like an alim..telling which sect is kaafir and which muslim."

        If that so, it was an appropriate section. In religiuos section, you aren't suppose to talk about pornography. Secondly, the only posting s that I can think of, are about Qadianis/Ahmadis. Even though they are non-muslims, not only declared by the supreme court of Pakistan but also the supreme court of South Africa, I didn't called them Kafirs but Mushriks. And about sects, I don't believe in any sect- shia, sunni, wahabi, diobandi, ahmadi..- b/c Quran DOESN'T say that. If you want to talk about religion, you can't do it based on your biased sectarian belief b/c every sect claimed itself the right sect.

        ***"in a thread in this section some time ago, it was you who said that we should eliminate jews becoz it is our religious duty!"

        I had a one line statement in that post about the person of the century. It was MY opinion. Then some admin sissy and other respected members start criticisizing me. So I had to put on some explaination about my choice...mind you, my posting started with this comment:

        "I never meant to start an argument here but this if for Farid, Quark, TK, and others... "

        Then after this, some qadiani or ahmadi guy jumped in and started the debate and in the end it was me who hit the brake. The reason was simple, it isn't a religious sections and there wasn't any use of debating a mushrik and now KAFIR.

        I think my explaination above is sufficient enough to clarify your thoughts.

        I don't want any religious postings here because I don't follow religion 99% of the times in my daily life and then again, this isn't a religious section.

        Yes.. I'm the hypocrite if openly declaring what I do and what I believe in is the definition of hypocracy.

        so long...


          Dear Shirin-

          Western society and women liberalism in the west doesn't constitute a model for our desi society and some western values couldn't simply be implemented there. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER.

          Still, we could have a society which is tied with our moral & ethical values and at the same time provides enough liberty to men & women to mix & interact with each other without any fear.

          If we're concerned about our hundreds of years old cultural and traditional values, then these values needs to changed to accomodate current trends and practices. I think, its not wise to apply some 100 year old traditions today. Some traditions were right at their times, but the time has changed. We need to adopt this change.

          Your'e right that people have different approaches and they take view things differently, but thats the beauty. Everybody can live his/her own life as long as he/she doesn't surpass the limits imposed by the society.

          so long...

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            First of all it was not a religious section in which you wanted Hitler to be man of the year for killing millions Jews. It was this section when one of our college writer Resistence opposed the idea of voting for Quaid-e-Azam as a man of year or century.

            I did not want to continue the argument because you were quite upset, what Quark and I wrote in response to your posting, and I did not want you to be further upset. You passed something not so good remarks about our beautiful culture/cultures. I lived almost every part of the country and found every culture/language beautiful and unique. I will talk later in detail about our culture. Further your argument went in some other direction, pointing us as supporters/sympathizers of Jews. We only meant that to beat your enemy you have to acquire equal/similar capabilities and skills. Allah will only help those who help themselves. Country which is indebted of more than 50 billion dollars and always beg for more money from IMF and World Bank which is run by the Jews, your argument seemed to be a joke of the year/century.

            One hand you wanted to kill all Jews quoting Holy Quraan, on the other, you are talking about free society or FREE MASON SOCIETY (Founded by Jews) Instead of going in extreme, my advice is to always follow a moderate path, or GOLDEN MEAN.