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Death - Your experiences

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    Death - Your experiences

    I was actually quite old when I could understand concept of death. My grandpa's brother died when I was 10 and same time one of our classmates who was my kite flying competitor died of fever. I remember I was afraid and uncertain and in fact I did not understand what really happened.

    slowly I could see old people dying all around, sometimes gracefully and being cared for till last moment, sometimes people relieved at their death, sometimes in a terrible situation. I was watching that happen and I was indifferent, unless except tragedy struck someone close like my grandpa or grandma, both of whom, fortunately died without any prolonged sickness.

    things continued on similar lines till i came to hear suicide of a friend of mine (some love affair, rubbish, is that worth dying) he was only son and it was a pity to witness his parents. their world had collapsed. then another friend died of brain hammerage, very bright boy, could have gone places. and another mast maula friend of mine died when he pretended that he knew swimming, tried to plunge in lake and drowned.

    Once I saw it coming to myself. When I was in Taiwan, the earthquake struck. I normally sleep in complete dark and I woke up. It took some time to realize that it is earthquake and then I could not find door. I ran out of house. a girl friend of a friend of mine went in after some time and brought out some juices for all of us. I was warned not to go in and try to sleep again, which I did and it was stupid. There were aftershocks and since ours was short one-storeyed building did not suffer much damage. I went to my office next day and find broken glasses all around my tabe and chair since almirah and windowpane had broken and fee. Fortunately I was not working late at night.

    Here comes another earthquake. From a relatively richer part of india. Two friends of me work in that part. My previous boss in India works there. My neighbor's wife has gone there to meet her family. And none knows their fate.

    None knows.. indeed..

    It's extremely tragic the number of lives this quake has consumed in India. I can't even begin to explain how awful I feel..

    Catastrophes like these make you re-think your own mortality...

    We're so fragile.. here one minute, gone another.

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      None knows.. indeed..

      I hope they are fine. I can understand your anguish although i do not know anybody that lives in that area.

      Recently a co-worker went home after work and burned herself during cooking but didn't feel any pain at all and she also started sluring her speech. She immediately went to hospital emergency and was diagonsed with malignant brain tumor. I don't think she will ever come out of the hospital alive. It was/is very hard on all the people who worked with her.

      We have no control over our destiny, all we have is today, lets make most of it.

      Take care...