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Does Hillary Owes An Explanation?

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    Does Hillary Owes An Explanation?

    These are excerpts from India Currents (Oct 1998), which I think is interesting. The title of this article is:-

    "Hillary Owes an Explination to Women of the Third World" by Sarita Sarvate.

    In this article, Sarita first mentioned how the women of the third world looked forward to the western women and how much their teachings about women personal liberation meant to them. According to Sarita, although third world women has "enjoyed many opportunities for advancement" but their personal lives lacks a role model.

    Later she discussed about the problem before and after marriage and other miseries, as we all know. Now she adds...

    "These facts of our lives explain why we women of the Third World, immigrant and non-immigrant, were so heartened by the First Lady's candid speech at the Women's summit in Beijing in 1995. That was just the year before CLinton's re-election, but now it seems like another time, another era. For the same Hillary Clinton, who was preaching to us about women's rights for personal and professional fulfillment, is now eating humble pie in order to preserve her marriage at any cost. And we Third World women are confused, bewildered, even outraged.

    If we are to be guided by the words of Patricia Ireland, President of National Organization for Women (NOW), the American feminist movement-which taught us about sexual liberation, birth control, domestic violence, and sexual harassment-is now teaching us to preserve our marriages even if our middle aged husbands engage in sexual liasion with women young enough to be our daughters. Moreover, the message is we should overlook our husbands' sexual lapses for the sake of our children."


    "Many of us come from a world where polygamy is still practiced-..."

    Next she says...

    "To us, the CLinton-Hillary situation resonates with that horrific past we have struggled so much to put behinbd us. American feminists say that Hillary has a choice. But that is precisely the point. So many of the women around the world do not have the choice that Hillary has. That is why, to many of us Third World women, Hillary Clinton's words of love and forgiveness were shocking, mystifying, and ultimately infuriating.
    Hillary Clinton plans to attend a sumit on Women in Emerging Democracies in Ireland at the end of August. But that Hillary Clinton and the American feminist movement condone Bill Clinton's actions constitutes to us a serious betrayal of trust. If she fails to offer us an explanation of her feelings and reactions towards Bill Clinton's confession, we women of the Third World will consider it so much hypocrisy when Hillary Clinton and the American feminsts start preaching liberation to at the upcoming summit."


    so long...

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