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Shaikh Deedat passed away (Innalillahi.....)

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    Shaikh Deedat passed away (Innalillahi.....)

    Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah

    Subject: Shaikh Deedat passed away (Innalillahi.....)

    In the name of Allah...

    Dear Members Assalamu alaikum (rah)

    The Islamic World has lost it's one more prominent scholar Shaikh Ahmed

    Please join our mulsim brethren around the globe to pray for him.

    very bad news indeed

    ^*^Believe to Understand^*^


      Deepest condolences. May Allah bless his soul! Amen Sum Amen! Would you mind telling all of us little bit about him? Thanks.




        Life became all Gray! But NOW i have decided to paint it all over again.

        I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat


          Huh? Sheikh Deedat...r u sure?

          If it's true then,

          Inna Lillah e wa Inna Ilayhay Rajay'oon

          He did so much for Islam all over the world. Indeed a great tragedy and a huge loss for the whole Muslim ummah. May Allah rest his soul in peace and give him a very comfortable place in Jannah. Amen.

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            Could you please mention the source of your information.

            Now a days it is hard to understand what to believe and what not? Specially when you hear it first at gupshup.

            ~~~Performace of good DEEDS avoids the evil ending.~~~

            He, who advises for the GOOD, is similar (in rewards)to the doer of it.

            (Sahih Al-Jami 3797 & 3399 resp.)


              May Allah bless his soul.

              fly like a bee,, sting a like a butterfly.


                ina lilahe wa ina elehe rajioon
                Allah un ki MAGHFIRAT kare...Ameen suma Ameen

                HAM SA HO TO SAMNEY AYE



                  Its been my dream to meet him


                    Inna lillAllah-e- Wa Inna elehe rajioon.
                    Good Bless all who have passed away before us and also bless us too when we leave. Jis ki zindagi hai, ussi ko wapas deni hoti hai. We all have to leave one day. And we shall. Some sooner, some later...


                      Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon

                      This really is a huge loss for us - he was a terrific scholar and his debates were amazing



                        May Allah grant him janaa-tul ferdosh(highest place in paradise).

                        He was best there was in this era. I read allots of his books and lectures, seen his debates on video tapes. Great man, a very straight-shooter, right at your face, does not care if you like it or not.

                        The TRUTH right at your face, DEAL WITH IT - kinda attitude.

                        There is a hadith, I think in bukhari or Muslim that when one scholar dies another emerges from somewhere, some-place, inshallah we Muslims will have another defender of Islam.


                        Take it easy.

                        *V~V~V*He came, He saw, He conquered*V~V~V*
                        -_-_-_-High Priest_-OF-_Painful Truth-_-_-_-


                          Asslamu Alikum brothers and sisters,

                          It seems like our condolences are way too late, if we are talking about Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, then let me inform you that he passed away few years ago.


                            I think you are right musalman. I heard this some time ago. Now I'm confused.


                              He did not pass away a few years ago. He had been paralysed for the last few years.

                              They shoot partypoopers, don't they?