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    Big Mouths?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

    ...Uh Oh! What do u do if one got a big mouth , aaaaaaaaaaand runs into scrapes occasionally once in a while (like every day)

    Why do people have big mouths though? I mean why? Why? Why? And, and what is the cure for it?

    How does one stop himself from getting too frank with those double his age?
    Any remedies, anyone???

    Assalamu alaikum!
    Dayseee Behnaaa,
    How u doing! ur rite! Time long, see no!
    i've been busy! anyhow, nice question, but i don't got the answer myself!
    hey, but i do have a solution! and that's duck tape!!!!!

    Khuda hafiz


      Once I was in Italy at a railway station, and I was surprised when I saw two women sitting next to each other in great silence - the great lie of all time.


        AA Hayaa!

        Thehe... Tried it, but peeled my mouth off while removing it Kidding. I found my answer. That is, Missunderstanding may play a big role in throwing one way off. So I forgot my owm remedy. "Treat one with his own medicine." Some ome used reverse cycology on me, and I thought 'Boy, I'M busted.' Just missunderstood. Hehehe

        Sir Faraze ji, That's a good one. Okay i Won't get started giving lectures on "Chauvinism against girls."



          count me in too!

          >"How does one stop himself from getting too frank with those double his age? "

          aaaaaerrrrrrggghhhh !!!!!!!! if only somebody could tell me !



            [This message has been edited by Rubiya Nur (edited March 02, 2000).]


              Big Mouth,

              Waisay I think Daysee Behna, you are big big ... rather wide mouth with big big teeth ... wada munh tay chauday dand ... aren't u?

              [Hey I am only kidding, dont take it seriously]


                jee rubiyaa jee,

                shayad isi liye mujhay "meeting new people" main saaron nay daanta hai!


                  Oh Its U Najim Bhai! Whoa, LOOOOOOONG time, no see at all! (or maybe that's cuz same applies to me) Anywho...
                  What? Acha!! Tho yay baaath hei huh? ROARRRR! Haha! By the way by ur explaination, hmm... I get to be a, a, a (WHooPpPps! What the heck am I doing, khud he apnay khaylaf??!!). Ab itha bara mon bhee nahin. Just once in while, I get confused about "The hadood-e- ****hani-izm" That's all! Other wise tho... sub apnay jaisay, deway hain! Teehehe...

                  Shirarthi Ji, I think we shud gang up, phir dant inthi ziayda offencive nahee lagay gi