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Why Sarfraz has been banned???

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    Why Sarfraz has been banned???

    What purpose its gonna serve? How do you make sure that some one else will not take over his place?

    We had Stud The Dud, then Sarfraz, next is ???

    We always will have these kinda people and I think imposing ban on them is not gonna do any good.

    why was the idiot banned anyway?
    he was weird, but i dont really see a reason for him being banned...


      jez go to someone else thread and read what Muzna has written in her post you will find the answer.
      I M iz D iron man.


        Iron Man- I did read that thread and I've read everything what Sarfraz had to say. I also DO NOT like his behaviour but still...

        so long...


          I dunno if my post will be deleted but we all know that a few weeks back there were some of our users, not Sarfraz, who were so insanely abusive and they are still on, infact, they are posting on this very thread. It seems that you could be abusive to everyone except the moderators. These are double standards and they will serve no purpose. I for one have now become a spectator on this forum.
          I am sorry if I offended anyone, especially ts, muzna, stud, iron man, antidote, tariq khan etc and all the others that I do not recall. All participants of Gupshup are very unique and I pray to Allah(S.W.T) that all have bright futures and success in all endeavors - Ameen.

          Khuda Hafiz Gupshup
          Zubair Hussain


            zman . . .

            I'm sorry to see that you have such a limited view of what has transpired over the past few weeks on this forum.

            I believed that you were one of the few that kept close tabs on things. Now I believe that I was wrong in making that assumption. Anyhow. . . .I respect your decision to become a spectator and appreciate your feedback.

            In an effort to further improve the conditions here I would appreciate it greatly if you would give a couple of examples of the situation that you have stated exists here. Specifically, "It seems that you could be abusive to everyone except the moderators." Would you please tell me where a member has been permitted to abuse another member and has "gotten away with it" while that same member has abused a moderator and was "punished" for it?

            While you are doing this . . . I'll take a few moments to get examples of situations where moderators have been slandered, abused and wrongfully accused and members making these allegations have been permitted to do so without their posts being edited or deleted. . . . I'll only be needing a few moments . . .

            How long will you be?

            btw, your reference to members that have violated the rules yet have retained their posting privileges and are currently participating in this very thread is duly noted and the day that we receive enough complaints about the quality of their messages the same warnings shall be issued and the same results may be expected.

            [This message has been edited by Muzna (edited 09-22-98).]


              i had no idea he had said all that you, muzna!! man, i woulda banned his ass so hard.....

              i, for one, totally support you muzna!!
              you go girl!


                aaaaaahhh, who cares...I am but a stupid spectator....I just watch....and every once in a while Ill post something stupid....

                Like right now for instance...

                Sarfraz, and a few others, (wont name names, you all know who you are...) think that, in an argument, they HAVE to use profanity and threats towards the other to win that argument....a typical desi attitude...

                thats why I never argue with anyone on the forum...why waste my time, when I can use that time to further educate my mind...
                we learnt from Socrates that one of the best forms of education can be CONSTRUCTIVE argumentation, IF used correctly.....well, most of the people need to take argumentation 101...

                and THATS all I have to say about that...



                  firsky you are cool man..real cool
                  few on the net need to grwo up a little and take each others lightly and have a humerous attitude, even if someone else is a little fiskier once a while. Pass the words around frisky, shabash bai shabash.




                    I want to know too, Why was that nice man

                    Y.. yes tell me!


                      Muzna Beware .... Sarfraz is baaaaaack!!!

                      Welcome back Sarfraz... I mean Sir Fraze.

                      This time, I wish our dumb Admin doesn't ban you, so that you could leave by choice..

                      BTW that'll be your only choice!!!!

                      so long...



                        Thankx TS,

                        This time I want to stay long. I mean this is
                        my first time, why should I leave?

                        Sir Fraze


                          ha ha...g*ess not!



                            ts . . . .
                            j*st want to *larify . . . are yo* referring to Admin as d*mb be*a*se they don't speak or . . . ?

                            and Sir Fraze . . . .

                            make my day . . .please.


                              M*ZNA yo* TOO? whats *p with all of yo*?
                              whats *p all the asteri*ks? did I miss som*thing?


                              P.S. I g*ess yo* saw Sir Fraze's post last night....