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Selling Babies

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    Selling Babies

    What is this world coming to?
    Did you hear about the twins born in California that were sold not once but twice via the internet?

    Apparently the first pair of adoptive parents paid the fees but didn't get to take delivery.....the children were then adopted by another couple in UK, who claim that they paid the fees also and the girls are not about to go anywhere cuz they are home now.

    Mannn!!!! What next?

    Another example of changing the benchmark of morality. :sad:


      Ya..I saw someone's front page sun this morning on the subway..and I was totally disgusted.

      Who in their right mind would do such a thing?
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        dat is disgustin, wat is the world comin to. if kids ave started bein sold over da net don't wanna imagin wat the world will be like in couple of yrs,


          i cant believe companies are actually investing in such ideas......thats sick....and scary!!!!

          how about the ppl who 'bought' them....couldnt they have just adopted the normal way????!!!!! tch tch!!!!! how low can u go!!!

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            Those babies were so cute
            Muzna these days, nothing seems to be as surprising. I guess common sense of moral values is being perished by and by. We're all racing each other to guillotine. Human beings are thrusting the basics fundamentals that come in play to make a firm foundation which initiates the circle of life. *db's bafflegab sub kay saron say guzr giya ike bar phir*



              A third couple has also come forward, saying they had also bartered for the babies, but could not produce the cash quick enough.

              It truly is sad, but we shouldnt condemn the mother as we dont know what type of situation she was in, maybe she thought they would have a better life with adoptive parents, and the fact that they were prepared to pay 8 Grand for the babies is a sign of how much they wanted them, and they probably will be taken good care of.


                Mariah, I can't believe what I'm reading. You're talking in favour of a woman, who sold her babies. That's like as low as one can go, whatever the reason might be. Imagine these girls growing up and getting to know, that they were just sold like a doll in a toy store.

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                  Umer, I am not talking in favout of her, all I am saying is she may have had HER reasons to do it, and those reasons may be some that we will never know about.

                  This is not the same as agreeing with what she has done. I am just trying to see it from an objective point of view.

                  Does talking from an objective point of view disgust you? Well, I`m sorry but you cant just talk about something you dont have the full details about in a narrow minded way.

                  As for selling, No, I am not in favour of selling either and would never do that,and to make money outta it is truly despicable, but not everyone is me or you.

                  But if their mother is some drug pushing whore, who would have probably got them addicted to drugs at 6 or 7, then arent they better living with adoptive parents?

                  Women and children are sold everywhere, especially in the south asian countries, and that is when they have lived with families for years, and sold when they are in thier teens, isnt that worse?

                  I think this discussin could go on, but we will probably go off the topic.


                    I'd say that we are still living in Dark Age where children used to be sold!!!



                      toba toba.....
                      wel well
                      qayamat nazdeek a gye hai
                      Life became all Gray! But NOW i have decided to paint it all over again.

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                        How does this adoption thing works, anyway?

                        Do the new parents pay a fee or something? I know in Pakistan, except Edhi, all other adoption agencies charge a fee. The new parents pay it. This fee is not in proportion to the cost incurred by the adoption agency, rather it is sort of tax, since in Pakistan, adoption is largely unregulated and easy.

                        On the other hand, the natural parents, for a variety of reasons do not get a penny, out of the deal. Which is fine by them, cz they didn't want the child (or whatever). Some such kids are just abandoned or runaways.

                        In this case, from what I understand, the natural parent(s) charged an amount which the new parents paid.

                        So whats the objection:
                        1. That there was no adoption agency involved?
                        2. That the deal was made directly?
                        3. That the deal was made over the internet?
                        4. That the kids were not 'delivered'?
                        5. Or what...?

                        Do some of you actually favor the notion that the adoption agency can charge as much as they wish, but the natural parents should not get a penny out of this deal? And this is supposed to 'punish' them for their decision.



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                            I don't think we should be angry at anyone- all this shows is the failure of normal adoption agencies to provide an efficient solution to the problem of providing children in care with happy families. The motivating factor as to why childless parents go to such lengths is because they are spending a lifetime mourning for children they never had- this is a misery which we can only pretend to comprehend.


                              doest the mother want the baby back

                              can i bring religion in2 this topic? is'nt adoption against ur religion