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Your First childhood memory

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    Your First childhood memory

    Whats your very very first childhood memory......try going as far back as you can!!!

    I'll post mine later on

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    *scratches head in trying to remembering it* ..

    i was 4 something i think when dad came back from states and brought me a LAPTOP .. to help in english and maths jaisay kickass subjects .. .. i think thats the furthest i can go ..

    oh no . .. wait. . *scratches head again* .. heheeheheh, it was my third birthday, i remember bugging hell outta my grandpa by answering stupid questsion

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      When my family & I were checking out the kitchen of the new apartment before moving into. The kitchen's floor was still pakk-ki.. as in raw. It wasn't tiled yet; &, neither was it cemented. According to my calculations, i was just over 2 & a half yrs old? Between there & being a 3 yr old one.

      Who--me -- why the question though?


        Well my memories start from when my mum died when I was bit less than four.........Dunno I am in someones arms and.....some ppl are crying.......then we travelled to another city for teh funeral....

        The next thing I remember is my Khalos sisters wedding....which was a couple of months later....

        Why the question....well....someone asked me if I remember mum.....I dont


          I rememeber that i was running away from a snapshot, as i thought I will get caged in to the camera.That was when I was between 2-3 years old.


            I remember sitting on the "baraamda" floor and praying to Allah for a lil brother :

            "Allah Mian! Mujhe chota sa bhai day dain"

            I was I guess 2 1/2 then.

            Who says nothing is impossible? I've been doing nothing all my life!


              I remember running away from school when teacher turned his back towards me to write something on the blackboard and I was out of the class. I think I was in nursery and must be 3 years old.


                k... .. the earliest one i can think of is when we went to saiful-maluk.. and the rasta was kinda dangerous..... and ammi/aboo etc were telling us to say kalma n all... thats all i remember.... it was scary.. i guess..


                  i remember sittin in a dholi wen i was 4 (no i did'nt get married,it was my khala's weddin)

                  worst memory wen i 1st so daddy long leg


                    Now for someone like me who cant remember what I ate for breakfast today - I think a memory of when I was at Nursery at the age of around 4/5 - It was a warm sunny day and for play time we were all sat around the outside of the nursery and I remember a slice of apple in one hand and a green cup of milk in the other... is damn good un!


                      welli remember saying these words to my dad... "abbu ji nia"......and he loved dad i love my dad...
                      Life became all Gray! But NOW i have decided to paint it all over again.

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                        hmmmmmmm all the memories i have of being a toddler are when i would go to pakistan...remember going to daddi's house, and going to cliftin, and eating paani purri...hmmmm and eids and i remember this place with the best paarathai and puree, and my sister and cousin would go there every morning, and leave me....cause i couldn't get up that early, mairee soobah to dopaar ko hotee hai Oh yeah and those awful kaawai, soonai he nahain daitai thai, all these memories are of when i was like 3/4...

                        Khuda kisi ko kis par fidaa na kare.....
                        Agar kare to Qyamat tak judaa na kare........


                          I was around four
                          we were vacationing at my Nani's house in Abbotabad where we usually crash during summers

                          My nana was still alive then and if i would have known kay he wouldnt be among us after two years i would have clung to him for life

                          kher so a trip to Murree was arranged
                          Two jeeps were hired we were fifteen people
                          so we set out to Murree and on the way we buy these Straw hats ...
                          I remember mine cause i still have it
                          its gotta black ribbon around it

                          Suddenly i noticed the snake of a road under us as we were travelling
                          with each bend the snake got longer
                          I got scared and knowing the roads to murree who wouldnt
                          I just didnt wanna fall over from the edge of the road

                          so i just sat there counting the 'baals' of snake
                          kher i forgot all that when we had our rides on the chair lift


                            wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww who-mee .. just .. wowwwwwwwww .. .. yar, i think tumko ye shair zaroor suna doon..

                            YAAD-E-MAAZI AZAAB HAY YA RUBB,
                            CHEEN LAY MUJH SAY HAFZAA MERA...

                            Never frown, even when your are sad,because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.
                            Ba'Qalam-e-khud, deewaan'e-gs say baraah'e-raast, Jang Bahaadur Nawaab'e-Lucknow Shaan'e-Brampton Miyaan Shamsheer-ul-Faizy(H.R.H.H.Mister confused)


                              well i remember running away from home one days.. it wasn't actually running away, it was like ...hmmmmmm .. mayb i wanted to b a grown up real bad.. We were leaving for sumwhere that day......i must b around 3 or 4 i think.. n i was wearin my new dress n all.. naturally i wanted to show off myself ... there was my aunt's house couple of blocks away while my ma was packing my bro in diapers n stuff.. .. i just kinda took a stroll all by myself to my aunt's place .. n i walked n walked n walked to her place ... had a real thrashing after wards.. but thats another story.. .. my ma got real sick ...

                              ~* I am always in trouble, but it's so much fun. *~

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