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Ten Things We Waste

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    Ten Things We Waste

    Fwd'ing an email

    (based on a lesson of Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah)

    1. --Our Knowledge-- Wasted by not taking action with it.

    2. --Our Actions-- Wasted by committing them with out sincerity.

    3. --Our Wealth-- Wasted by using it on things that will not bring us
    ajr. We waste our money, our status, our authority, on things which have no
    benefit in this life or in akhirah.

    4. --Our Hearts-- Wasted because they are empty from the love of Allah,
    and the feeling of longing to go to Him, and a feeling of peace and
    contentment. In it's place, our hearts are filled with something or someone

    5. --Our Bodies-- Wasted because we don't use them in ibadah and service
    of Allah

    6. --Our Love-- Our emotional love is misdirected, not towards Allah, but
    towards something/someone else.

    7. --Our Time-- Wasted, not used properly, to compensate for that which
    has passed, by doing what is righteous to make up for past deeds

    8. --Our Intellect-- Wasted on things that are not beneficial, that are
    detremental to society and the individual, not in contemplation or

    9. --Our Service-- Wasted in service of someone who will not bring us
    closer to Allah, or benefit in dunyaa

    10. --Our Dhikr-- Wasted, because it does not effect us or our hearts.

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    sadia jiiiiiiii wah pehli dafa imp stuff post kar rahi ho lol khekhekhe jokin ... gweattttttttttttttttt post jaani
    +abay o aunty, wo mazakh kar rahi thee, such much samajh k ghussa nahi ho jaana plz it wuz very niceeeeeeeeeeee ok
    *º¤., ¸¸,.¤º*¨¨¨*¤Allah(SWT) gIvEs n fOrGiVeS, yEt mAn gEtS n fOrGeTs*º¤., ¸¸,.¤º*¨¨¨*¤

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      Array what happened to Sadiaa? No, I don't mean she can't write some serious stuff. It is just is too many big words coming out of our lil sister.


        What we are is because of him, the divine who created us . . . . All I have to say in response to Saadia's e-mail is USE YOURSELF WISELY, YOU ARE HIS PROPERTY.
        Rabul MashriqaiN wal MaghribaiN


          very nice...
          Saints are fine for Heaven, but they are hell on earth.