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    Housing Outreach for Muslim Sisters , otherwise known as H.O.M.S. was founded in May 1, 1999 by a group of sisters in Texas who were concerned about the welfare of their fellow Muslimahs and their children in the United States.

    Upon witnessing situation after situation, and dealing with sisters that had no where to go (facing abuse and/or homelessness); this group of active sisters decided to do as the Prophet (saws) has said, "If anyone of you sees something objectionable, he should change it with his hand..." (Muslim)
    The H.O.M.S. facility was opened, and sisters from across the United States began contacting the H.O.M.S. staff for help.
    We make dua that Allah SWT help us in making H.O.M.S. a permanent and successful facility and resource for the Muslim women/children in the United States.

    "Indeed whosoever purifies himself shall achieve success, and remembers (glorifies) the name of his Lord and prays"
    Quran 87:14-15

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