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Where's Muzna?

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    Where's Muzna?

    Dear Admin-

    Haven't heard anything from our moderator lately. Is she ok? Is she on vacation?

    Kaha(n) gai Muzna? Kiyo(n) gai Muzna? Kis sey pooch key gai Muzna? Sorry for being acting like Allauddin but need to know.

    so long...

    Didn't think anyone would miss me . . .


      Well, she's BACK!!
      so much for your days of freedom guys.
      For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran


        it's good to see u around.



          Hi Muzna!

          Long time! **A big sigh of relief**

          See ya around!


            Yes.. You were indeed missed.

            so long...


              I think she is in love!

              Ishq kehtay hain jis ko khalel haay dimagh ka [Ghalib]


                Oh come on Sarfraz - not again ... Leave her alone.



                  No, I mean it. What do you mean by, "leave her alone"? She is in love. That's ture!

                  But, now the point is that she should come out of her bath tub and prove her love to the world. Am I right?

                  Muzna darling, come out from your hiding and show to the whole world that you are in LOVE.
                  Do that. Okay!


                    Hey Muzna,
                    Remember me???
                    Yes, I too am wondering that WHY THE HECK UR NOT KEEPING IN TOUCH???
                    Are u alright? I sure do hope so dearest Baji! So how did every thing go i.e. that gathering u all planned early sep? Pleeez reply, pleeez, pleez, okay enuf already
                    Phd as ever,
                    Daysee Behna

                    PS. A.A Hayaa? Howz it? Time long, see no


                      Dear Sarfraz-

                      I think we should refrain from interfering in other people's personal life & business.

                      "darling", "bath tub", "love" -- How could you find time to think about this? There must be lots of other good things going in your life? Think about them ...

                      Be part of the solution and not the problem.

                      I personally want you to be here and participate actively, you already have responded to my thread.

                      WE WANT YOU HERE and want to listen to you but if you keep disrespecting people here, eventually you'll get the same response back and in the end, you'll be left alone.

                      Sarfraz, YOU CANNOT WIN THIS WAR !!!!

                      She is one of US, give her the respect that she deserve... we belong to a nation whose biggest asset is their respect to the women.

                      so long...


                        Hello Sir Fraze ji,

                        Come on......

                        Hum aur aap achey dost hain and I really think that you have what it takes to be a important/interesting voice in the controversial/fiery discussions.
                        Please join in those instead of hounding Muzna ji.
                        Hey, I am sure she loves your attention but I think you know what I mean.
                        I am really hoping that this time around we will have some productive/positive fun.

                        Aap sun rahay hain na meri baat....


                          Muzna, dearest Muzna!!!

                          WHERE ARE U??? Is ur mind made up on making me a full time space cadet by all means??? Oh puh-leeez *mercy* thehe...
                          Hey, I miss u, honest yaar!

                          Urs: Chootie right?
                          PS: Kehthain hain jis ko Muzna, Wo ho tum!
                          Rub nay jisa baji ka ruthba deeyaa, Wo ho tum! Yady, Yday, yadeee Yaaa! Yaayaayaaa, hooo hoo OOOO! Okay enuf alraedy! Khob tangay toor chuki. I'll never learn eh? *wink*


                            Muzna ji,

                            Aap aa jain, mein aap ko kuch nahee kahoonga.


                              Folks. . .

                              Leave Sarfraz alone. I don't particularly care what he thinks or says about me. It makes no difference to my health.

                              As long as he maintains the decorum required by the rules and guidelines of membership in this forum . . . he is free to express himself on any subject he chooses.

                              What we do in life is a reflection of who we are.