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America, jehaad ka baap!

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    America, jehaad ka baap!

    i) 1956 kee neher-swez ke jang kay baad, america nay apnee haar kay zakham chaatnay kay liye "akhwaanul-muslimeen" banaee thee, yeh saabit kernay kay liye, kay jamaal abdunnasir is dangerous for islam!

    ii) usee saal CIA made saraakat-ul-islaam banaee, aur apnay makasid kay liye islaam ka naam istimaal kiya, aur fundamentalist ko istimaal kertay huwe general suharto kay thru, sweekaarno ko zaleel kernay kay liye 30th september kee raat ko 1500000 logon ka katal-e-aam karaya.

    iii) 1971 main bangladesh kee azaadi kay baad jab mukti bahni nay apnay mulk say america kee jarain ukherni shuroo kee, to america sposored "shakti bahni" and who , used islaams name to save america's interest !

    iv) in 1978 , when russian stalnists used the beaurocracy to bring communism in afghanistaan, then "islaam" was in danger again, and it provided arms and ammunition worth 6000000000 dollars! which was used for "jehaad" in the name of "islaam" according to the verses of koran!

    v) in 1985 , in nicaragua, arms were provided by america to the islamic terrorists, thru iran!

    vi) America is supporting the so called "jehaad" in algeria.

    vii) the "islamic" fundamentalists in libyaa are being aided by america!

    viii) in palestine, america is using "hamas" and "hizbullah" only against the intersts of PLFP and PDFLP ! they call it "jehaad" against israel!

    ix) in 1986, america sposored "islamic" fundamentlist against the syrian president hafiz al-asad.

    x) sadaam hussain's attack on kuwait, was not for "haram kee paasbani" but for "israel kee paasbani" , and to capture the biggest "petrol pump" of the world!!! then they talk about islam!

    xi) The jehaad in kashmir is based on the money earned by smuggling drugs, and the one doing that is ISI , which again, is a product of america!

    xii) then, america, by using taliban thru pakistan, and ISI, to disgrace islaam in the world! and they think those terrorist think they are serving god!
    The popular magazine "Economist" accepts that amerixa is the biggest sponsor to taliban..( page 22) .. this sponsorship is to help an american company to provide gas to the central asian sates from pakistan.
    america is using "islamic terrorists" called taliban, just like an italian fashion house, is using monica lewinsky to sell their clothes!

    aik dafa aik bay-sharam aadmi kee peeth pay darakht ug aaya.. to woh buhut khoosh huwaa, kay chalo, ab saaya muyassar aaye ga!
    amreeka zindabad!

    So you've stopped taking the medication then ?

    Farouq Taj.