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    Whats your Opinion ?

    When people do actions, any action, one of these values is always sought in their actions:
    materialistic-eg working
    spiritual-eg prayer
    ethical-eg honesty
    humanitarian-eg saving a drowning person

    Question is, which action is the best????
    when you seek materialistic value, is that the best action, when you seek spiritual...which one??????????????

    Assalam O Alaikum

    hmm, No. 1 and No. 2 and No. 3 and No.4.

    Lalay, all of them are good. i.e.

    Earning halal rizq for u'r family (religion)
    Prayers (religion)
    Honesty (religion)
    Helping (religion)

    u cannot say which one is good, like if i ask u konsi ankh pyari hay sajji ya khabbhi. )) similarly all have their own fazilat, halal rizq kamao to sawab, aibadat karo to sawab, kisi ki madad karo to sawab aur dianatdari/ imandari to sawab.
    So all of them are good.

    Assalam O Alaikum.


      Miaa(n) Jalal-ud-din beta,

      aap ka ilam Islamee sateh per bauhat mehdood hay. Your one action contains all aspects. Working is not materialistic. In single action of work you have to be honest (with your ownself, with your employer), you have to take care of the people working with you and that is humanitarian. As far as spiritual aspect is concerned you can fit in this aspect as well .... that while you work you always think that Allah is looking at you and you fulfill all the legal, religious requiremets of your work etc etc.

      So mate you are doing all the aspect of thoughts while you are doing one action.

      Why do you save a drowning person because your spirits say, save him, saving him will earn you a virtue, and you save him with your best which is honest with him and with yourself.

      I hope you understand what I mean.



        It shows your ethics
        It helps no matter what religion you or the other person is from

        Materialistic effort for personal gains is what every one does and denys, that is why the world and especially, Pakistan is the way it is right now.



          Assalam alaikum

          All are good and it's impossible to excel in one and neglect the others.

          Assalam alaikum


            Jalal Sahib

            You can combine all the actions together. Work hard for living honestly, and help others, who may be drowning in poverty, with your wealth gained by your hard work and pray Allah, for he is the Almighty one.


              the Question is:
              When we face a situation were onewould have to be sacrificed for another value, which value do we choose??????
              Is this chosen value really the best one, if so, what criteria are we using?????


                Peace be upon you!

                it has been seen through this discussion , that a very very unrealistic approach has been maintained throughout the discussion. Although some people knew the real answer to this question, but they didnt realize they actually know it. The question basically, is a faulty one.. and needs to be further discussed.

                a comment to everybody's approach one by one...

                Due to his interest in his religion, niaz saw everything by the eye of Islam, telling us that all the above deeds are equal in importance. and that is not exaclty the real answer to it, though very very close. We just need to discuss it on wider basis.

                his approach was all the more close to the real answer to the question, but basically, he had a problem explaining it. i repeat, we need to discuss it on wider basis.

                i was expecting more from you... u just did it the normal way... if i asked my heart, i had gone that way too, no doubt if we could seperate all the above values, humanitarian was the one i wouldve chosen.

                mudassar's post was of an ordinary value, he is sort of right, sort of wrong. but the point where he is right, is what i will duiscuss later on to answer the question.

                S malik:
                again.... kinda knows it, kinda not.

                All the replies in this discussion were correct, to some extent, but the common problem with all the replies was that they couldnt mention the criteria they were using. personally, not knowing the criteria, and going for what my heart says, i wouldve certainly gone for the fourth value, and it is quite a nice thing to see my friends reaching the correct answer just by onservation of the society. but there is a lot more to this question then just chosing a value out of four.

                Listen jalaluddin... your question was indeed a rare one.. but the answer to it is quite simple.

                In all religions, all ethical codes, all sets of rules, there is always a "mono-istic" approach! all the components of a set of laws, all componets of a code of ethics, all components of a religion, are based on a single truth. So there is ONE truth which is taken to be the ultimate one, and all the componenets of the religion, ethical code, or set of laws are based on that single truth.
                In islam, that truth is "toheed" , the exact meaning of which has been competely explained in chapter CXII, "the sincere religion."
                SO all religions or set of laws in general, believe in one truth on which all the components are based.

                Thus according to any religion, set of laws, or code of conduct, all the values, are but a component of a single truth.
                The materialistic, ethical, humanitarian and spiritual values in any set of laws, are interrelated. Thus saving a drowning person is ,at the same time, ethical, humanitarian, and spiritual deed for most of us. similarly, working for food, is at the same time a metarilistic, ethical, as well as spiritual deed for some of us.

                thus in a given set of laws, it is IMPOSSIBLE to devide the deeds in the above mentioned four values, becoz all of them are interrelated to each other, thus being components of a single truth.