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    sticking to the topic

    Ok let's try something new. How about everyone first actually reads and trys to understand what the person before them is talking about instead of getting all excited and jumping to their own conclusions.

    A lot of great topics get started here and instead of an intelligent discussion they turn into some crazy free for all hate frenzy where it seems everyone is accusing each other of being a prime canidate for eternal damnation.

    Ok I'll admit sometimes they can be quite entertaining but then the original discussion gets lost. I propose that the moderators (or we) take each thread that starts going off topic and start a new discussion based on it.

    And for those of you who just want to fight we should have new area where you guys can do just that. Oh and be sure to let us know ahead of time so we can all get front row seats.

    you mean to say:

    Tangents Tangents

    You (Muslims) are the best nation ever raised among the mankind: (because) you
    advocate righteousness and FORBID EVIL, and you believe in (one) GOD (ALLAH).
    (Sura: Alay-Imran; Ayat:110)
    ***Sitaaron Pay Jo Daltay Hain Kamand!***
    Shaheen=An Eagle or A Flacon!
    How come people come up with the idea that Shaheen is a "gal"????
    The ORIGINAL Falcon -
    Tu Tundi-e-Baad-e-Mukhaalif say na ghabra ay Uqaab
    Yeh tau chaltee hai tujhay OoNcha urRaanay kay liye