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Leave Clinton ALONE!

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    Leave Clinton ALONE!

    "So what! if the guy had a little fun! BIG DEAL DUH!"

    He is doing his job pretty well.

    American dollar is as strong as ever. Give the guy a break and stop humiliating him.

    Our society is cruel when it comes to other's business.
    I wonder what YOU would do... if you were the most powerful person (American president) of the world


    I don't know about myself but promote me to the president and maybe we can talk about IT later

    No thanks.. YOU SUCK! Who would vote for you!?? HAHA!!! I bet you had an affair with Clinton.


      BoSS ji,


      I don't think we have met but what better topic to be introduced on!!
      The bottom line in my opinion is that Clinton's behaviour is no anomaly. One look at the biographies of past US presidents and important political figures will reveal how much of a common practice it was for men in such power positions to engage in extra-marital affairs and womanizing.
      Therefore, I find it bizarre that we are creating such a hoopla over it. I personally think that the majority of the US population is quite ignorant about the workings of the political machinery. Unfortunately fan fare projections by the media is their only source of education.

      Students at my school vehemently disagreed when I said that the International leaders/countries couldn't careless about Clinton's bedroom behaviour - as they love the way he is handling the US affairs which castes a positive ripple in the dependent global environment. Thank God the recent UN gathering proved them to be wrong, as we saw some major International allies taking a stand against the televising of the grand jury testimony - Germany and England being two of them.
      Ken Starr's over effeciency was making the stock market take a nose dive and I really don't think that assessing the president's moral behaviour is more important than the security of my pay check! Economists argue that the economy is a cycle and the president has nothing to do with it. Good for them but I would rather not rock the boat if I can help it.
      The above is my legal argument - on a personal level, if this was MY man, it would have been the the barrel of my gun and
      Ms. Lewinsky's head!!!!!


        Rubiya. . .

        If this was my man . . .there would not have been any Lewinsky . . .

        and if she did happen to show up in such circumstances. . .well, after playing target practice with her head it would be his next.


          Dear BoSS

          How can leave him alone, he stole my ciggar and won't give it back(not that I want it back).



            Salam Rubaya Nur,

            BoSS needs no introduction, wo kehtay hain na, apnay moon mian mithoon hain hamaray BoSS kya kuroon aadat hai.

            If I'm not wrong, u are a lawyer right! ma'am I'll be a lil' carefull in choice of words (afraid of getting sued) while conversing with you no ooot putaang...hmmm not a promise though.

            I do like to read your posts, so u r not a stranger to me and intro. has been done already.

            As far as Clinton is concerned, thanks for supporting my views with some lawyer like facts but why so hard on Bechari Lewinsky.
            The first lady seems to be pretty cool with the whole deal, lekin kya puta white house mein clinton ko jootay khanay purtay hon.

            I thought Pakistani men were possessive but hey! here we have pak. women with guns shooting all over the place for their MAN!




              [This message has been edited by Rubiya Nur (edited March 02, 2000).]


                i think clinton is a fine president and i think that these things about how he should get impeached adn stuff! that is riduculas!

                i totally agree w/ Boss, so what if he had a lot of one is saying that he has morals but he is a fine president and has gotten the country to a great place!

                ok, so those are my views..


                  hi guys me again...the one who ALWAYS sheds new light to an argument...and I will not disappoint my fans here too...for a different , and I mean DIFFERENT perespective on this whole Clinton mess, go to:

                  read it....very very interesting to say the least...


                  once again, i have not dissappointed!!!



                    Junaid, I'm glad U enjoyed your own joke.

                    khuda hi hafiz


                      I think most people don't have a problem with what clinton did is because the people are happy with what america provides for them i.e. food, housing, jobs, education. But if a Pakistani pres or p.m. was to do this the public would be furious because of inadequate food etc.