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No one cares what women wants....

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    No one cares what women wants....

    I have read few threads where girls and even boys seems to think that it is better to be a boy as nobody cares what women wants. I don't think you can geralise this issue as there are many examples e.g. I don't think if my mom drops two tears then my father would be able to take that particular action. Well, I call it emotional blackmail and torture (which women are very good at) of woman. I think that it works both ways. Do you guys/gals feel the same way and why?

    I truly believe men feel the same amount of pain as any woman would.
    It's just a man is able to hide it better. Right?
    I dunno, guys, i dun't wanna be bsing here, back me up,
    is that how it is?

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      if i am not misunderstanding your post... i think we.. guys and girls feel the same.. it really depends on who it is.. what they are to us.. and i guess the situation....

      i could get a reaction from somone..for example and with the same thing.. with somebody else... they wouldn't even bat an eyelash..

      ps.. i have a feeling i have misunderstood your post...oh well.


        Here are few things to drive these men crazy or to get back at them when say they don't care about women. Being a man muself I will say that we do care about women.. I don't know about these other fellows...

        1. Take the batteries out of all the remotes in the house.
        (Hide them well.)

        2. Organize his workshop, bedroom, or other special place.

        3. Bribe his faithful dog away from him with a steady diet of its favorite

        4. Shrink his underwear in the dryer and when he complains, innocently
        suggest that he's gained a few pounds.

        5. Stare at his forehead and when he notices, casually ask if there is any
        history of male pattern baldness on his mother's side.

        6. "Accidentally" fill the gas tank of his new Porsche with diesel.

        7. Repeatedly misplace the cordless phone, preferably in a different room
        each time.

        8. Repeatedly lose his cellular phone in restaurants around town.

        9. Loan his precious cellular phone to a pregnant girlfriend who "needs it
        more than he does."

        10. Insist upon a lot of "meaningful conversations."

        11. If you live together, have your mother fly in for a month-long visit

        12. Reverse his contact lenses in their case.

        13. Snip a small hole in his fishing waders, then follow him with a camera
        to capture his "sinking" on film.

        14. Super glue the pages of his Little Black Book together.

        15. Give the secret stash of dirty magazines that he thinks you don't know
        about to his younger brother, who he hates.

        Any thing to help out a sister...



          livin in europe + us men ave to listen to women or else they get kicked out of their own homes, they not in pakistan bangladesh or india n e more where women is their jhote (shoe) mens find that hard to accept,
          they don't ave to care but listen to their wifes, if they want to stay in ther own homes
          As well as blackmail women are also good and brainwashin their hubbies, within a week of gettin married he'll be against this own family

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            yo ok hold up,
            so far, with 4 replies, the topic is all over the place.

            Wat was the point taken across here: it's a misunderstanding to think that it's easier to be a guy than a girl....?
            men are just as apt to the emotional blackmail?

            Uff jo bhi.
            & then, there's that little fwd Naeem make this thing/thread light-hearted as if it's a joke.

            Khan sahib....ya need to clarify......


              i think men hide their emotions too well and the woman doesnt realise how he is feeling and then he grows resentful because the woman cant mind read..

              or else they just dont give a damn about a womans feelings.. they get what they want and thats that.


                emotional blackmail??
                yeah that works wonders..
                a few tears here and there...

                nah i guess both sexes use emotional blackmail... men in a diff way to women but it still works... hmmmmm


                  Well, men grow up learning to hide their feelings while it's the opposite for women. Women cannot hide their feelings. But it's good that women dont hide their feelings, on the other hand me do need to let know what's bothering them so we women can be gentle to them.


                    Honestly, there are so many times that I do something just to please salman and then he'll go and be completly unaware of what I want him to do, when confronted his excuse us you never told me. Well my comeback is.. I did what you wanted and you never told me ..if my love can read you so well why cant you...

                    frustrating situation..although i've noticed that it only happens when our extended family is involved.

                    am i getting to personal?



                      Isn't emotional blackmail supposed to be at the heart of all marriages?

                      Please tell me that my life-long search for that special girl who'll use emotional blackmail every day, decide which clothes a wear, beat me with a rolling pin if I come home late from work and will always shout, swear and curse from one end of the house, to the other... was not in vain.

                      I wouldn't be able to cope if she dosn't exist.


                        sorry guppos, I was just trying to be intellectual and I forgot the fact Actually, I was writing a reply to a post "what do you deserve?" and while writing I realised that I can post another thread and cut some stuff from my reply and when I read them after your complaints that what I meant then I realised that it didn't make sense at all.

                        Anyhow, all I wanted to say that it is wrong to generalise that only women are THE victim. I am sure you guys and gals must have come across situations when men are the victim of their female counterparts and sometime you feel sorry for them. This normally happens in the west. Also, you must have seen the positive side where the two partners are happy with each other and no one is victim. Now, what is this thing that can provide the balance - balance to avoid women or men being victim. I think if we dig deep down by increasing our knowledge of Islam ( I don't mean the culture where women have to listen to his men) then I am sure we can find the solution to all the marital problems.

                        I guess I am clear this time.


                          Yes indeed u are Khan_sahib.

                          C, men & women are equal, but they're not the same. Then again, i agree how u said that it's not necessarily the women in relationships who are the victims. It can work both ways. Though, if there's any image which guys in the West have is, well, mainly one: they're misunderstood.
                          It's like the stereotypical image of the women have not only slapped the faces of the ladies (which is obvious)...but also the guys.

                          As the cliche goes,
                          - wat goes around, comes around -