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Is God Male or Female!

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    Is God Male or Female!

    If none.....then why we address as 'HIM'
    or is it just a grammatical gimmick!

    In English, there is no separate neuter pronoun, so "HIM" is taken to be either masculine or neuter. Similarly, there are some instances where we use "Her" for neuter objects, like Mother Earth, or for a vehicle.


      It is not just with English but with every other language too.....I am not bothered about any other neutral major concern is GOD as he the supreme supremacy!


        If you're really bothered by it, just don't use any pronouns when referring to God/Allah.


          It would be rude to call god it so he was picked as most of Quran is like a conversation between three people (man, allah and Prophet)


            In order to answer this question a basic knowledge of Arabic grammer is useful.

            First look at the English language. Effectively it only has three genders: masculine, feminine and neutral.

            Now look at the Arabic language. It only has two genders: masculine and feminine.

            Now "He" in arabic is called hua i.e. for the masculine gender.
            "She" in arabic is called hia this time for the feminine gender.

            Because there is no neutral gender in Arabic, then Hua translates into English as "He" and "It". Hia translates into English as "She" and "It".

            Now let us look at the feminine case...

            In Arabic, there are certain criteria for the word to be feminine i.e. using hia.

            Any of the following criteria makes a word feminine:

            i) If the word being feminine by its nature.

            For example, mum, daughter etc.

            Now look at the word "Allah". We know that Islam says that Allah has no gender. So this particular criteria does not apply here.

            ii) If the word ends in the arabic "t".

            Does the word "Allah" end in a "t"? No. So this particular criteria does not apply here.

            iii) If the word is plural for something.

            For example, hands, eyes etc.

            Is the word "Allah" plural? No. From Islam, we know that there is only One God. This is explicitly stated throughout the Qur'an e.g. the first line of Surah Al-Ikhlas:
            Qul Huallahu Ahad....

            It is quite clear that the word "Allah" cannot be feminine by any of these criteria.
            So by default the masculine term is generally used for the word "Allah". This is why you see the word "hua" which means "he" or "it" in the Qur'an. The issue lies in the Arabic grammer itself. Not Islam.

            I hope this helps.

            They shoot partypoopers, don't they?


              >>>"She" in arabic is called hia this time for the feminine gender.<<<

              Now I know what “Ya Habibi Hia Hia” means.


                Commonly the personal pronoun “He” is used in English to denote a “God.” However, as “ALLAH” is not a separate entity as a “god,” it is not correct to employ the pronoun “He” to denote ALLAH. The original pronoun used to denote “ALLAH” in the Quran, is “HU.” “HU” originally denotes the “oneness within the essence of existence,” without implying a separate third being...

                The word “HU” in Arabic denotes a “dimensional-beyond” in terms free of quantity and quality!
                Consider the meaning of “HU” and compare it with the meaning of the word “He,” which denotes the third person in the English language. Moreover, consider the conceptional confusion caused by the alteration of the meaning of the word “HU” into what people are used to understand from “He!”
                How correct can the truth be approached if the “HU” is understood as a god with a sex while it is intended to mean the “point of ONENESS of universal dimensions?”


                  Originally posted by NYAhmadi:
                  >>>"She" in arabic is called hia this time for the feminine gender.<<<

                  Now I know what “Ya Habibi Hia Hia” means.
                  No thats some thing different..
                  Hia is for for the female gender..
                  what u r talking about is Haiya it means "lets go" "go on" or "go"

                  ~Ramazan Mubarak~
                  Till next time,
                  Allah Hafiz