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    What would you give . . .

    to somebody that has gone out of their way to do something special for you?

    what token of appreciation would you leave them with?

    what if they have everything that anyone could want . . .what then?

    Adaab Muzna,

    Flowers have a very good symbolic value. I would buy some flowers if the person was a female and write something to show my appreciation for ……

    For males, its much easier, a silk tie is always good. But you can buy a CD with good music too and of course some words of appreciation…


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      It depends on whether your association with this individual is romantic. If so I suggest a bunch of flowers otherwise how about a book token.

      Farouq Taj.



        Yaar Sarfraz,

        Daroo ka asar nahi utra abhi tak? Eik cup garam garam gorh ki chae pi lo sara nasha utar jai ga. Meri azmaii hoi tarkiib hai!!

        Veseh Amesterdam ka mosam kesa hai?



          If it is a romantic association, then some flowers and a nice dinner at an exclusive restaurant. People who usually go out of their ways to help me, I give them them an assurance that I would do the same for them - and I do because I value loyalty and sincerety.
          Its very hard to find loyal and sincere
          people nowadays.



            Oh ja, 2nd thought: 248 kisses.


              why just flowers for girls? I wouldn't mind getting a nice dress or shirt. Flowers die quickly but a piece of jewelery or clothing will last a while! Or a box of choclates! I think it's almost lunch time for me.. any ideas on what I should have for lunch?!


                For me, some favors couldn't simply be compensated. Some favors, either little or big, wins my heart & soul and its very hard for me to show my appreciation.

                That'll be one of the toughest situations for me.

                so long...


                  Let me clarify the situation a little bit. ..

                  This person flew half way around the world to get here. Surprised me by showing up at my door. Had never met him before.
                  This is not a romantic involvement.
                  Wanted to cook for him but he keeps taking me out all the time.
                  Standard gifts like clothing, fragrance, etc. just won't cut it this time. . . .

                  Still so confused and he's leaving soon.

                  Kiya karoon???!!!!????


                    Hey Muzna ji guess what I know who this person is?
                    Correct me if I am wrong, because I think he is Tariq Khan.
                    Went all the way just to listen a word "YES"
                    O'poor Tariq, well log to kachay gharay pay taira kertay thai :0
                    Well good luck and have good time.
                    He does not need any gift just tell him "YES" he will be more than happy.
                    Trust me if you are a good cook, cook something one of his favourites he will always remember that.Give it a try.
                    MAy Allah bless "you"


                      He certainly is THE MOST stupid person on the face of this planet.

                      He's a psycho, moron, fanatic, and he could be extremely dangerous.

                      He must be living in the fantasy world, watching too many romantic movies, and reading too many romantic novels.

                      Call 911 and get some help.

                      I AM NOT KIDDING.


                        Muzna ji, good evening,
                        Did you say he is NOT a romantic involvement? and uskey bawajood he is doing what he is doing??
                        I had thought key ts26418 may be (due to his number identity), koi bhagey huye kaidi hain, and I think he is because he has the right perception about it all. Ya to this guy is a total gadha, pardon my expression, or you really need to call 911!!!!



                          bhaga hua qaidi - lol - luv it.


                            Let me paraphrase in case I've misunderstood.

                            This guy has flown half way around the world to be with you and he's been taking you out for meals ? And you say it's not a romantic thing ?

                            Who is he ? Is this a Canadian thing ?

                            Farouq Taj.


                              Wait a sec . . . who said he came "just to be with me"?

                              He's here for the Sahara series and the Eric Clapton concert . . . . .

                              It so happens that I am also in Toronto and he took advantage of the opportunity to surprise me.

                              Farouq . . . I don't see anything more to it and since I've personally met a large number of people from the net . . .I don't think that it's a peculiar thing to happen just in Canada . . .I could be wrong.

                              I do believe that if anything was suspicious my lawyer friend would not have made himself so "visible" to my family and friends -- nor would he have introduced me to his.

                              For everyone that is concerned about my safety -- thank you. It feels great and I appreciate your sincere concerns.

                              Just please tell me what I can get . . . consider him a close friend and go from there. . . .

                              p.s. Rubiya -- bhaga hu'a qaidee -- that's so funny!